Weekend in Nijmegen for nature lovers

Cycling through the most beautiful nature of Nijmegen, walking through the Rivierpark, discovering the history of the river, dining along the water... Experience what Nijmegen has to offer you as a lover of nature.

10.00: start with breakfast

Eat a tasty breakfast at Fika. Fika's menu includes smorrebrod: richly filled sandwiches with a Scandinavian touch. Take a seat, go over the weekend's plans, and enjoy!

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11.00: e-bike bicycle tour through Rijk van Nijmegen

Discover the versatility of the Rijk van Nijmegen with this e-bike bicycle tour. Rent an e-bike via Nijmegen Actief, pick up the bikes at Café de Zon, and go on your merry way! There’s a 10 km cycling route from Café de Zon to the starting point of this bicycle route. The route takes you through the varied landscape and past the nicest sights Nijmegen has to offer.

Cycle through the beauty of the Mookerplas, Heumensoord, the Ooijpolder, and Millingerwaard. Along the way there are several places you can stop and have a bite to eat. Take advantage of that so you can keep up with the route with ease! Eat at Herberg Restaurant 't Zwaantje in Mook, for example.

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14.30: drinks time

Time to have a nice drink at an outdoor seating area! Giving your legs a rest is crucial after having biked all this way. Café In de Blaauwe Hand is Nijmegen's oldest café, located in the heart of the city centre. Pretend you’re in the middle ages and take a seat.

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16.00: walk through the parks of Nijmegen

Take a walk through Nijmegen’s parks. Visit the Valkhofpark, Nijmegen's oldest park, which has fantastic view of the Waalkade. This is because the park is located on a hill along the Waal river. You might also notice the Sint-Nicolaaskapel, which dates back to about 1000. Be sure to walk inside to learn more about its history – if its doors are open. Close to the Valkhofpark is the Hunnerpark, so you can visit both! The Hunnerpark was constructed between 1876 and 1882, when Nijmegen’s city walls were demolished.

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18.00: treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner

Sample French, Mediterranean, and Oriental cuisine at Arsenal 1824. On nice days, they light the charcoal grill on the restaurant’s outdoor seating area. Try some of their delicious meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Treat yourself and enjoy all the flavours they have to offer here!

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20.30: visit the theatre

Go to Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen or Concertgebouw de Vereeniging for the best shows. Discover, be entertained, laugh, learn, and recognize yourself in the stories being told. Whether you like cabaret, dance, theatre, musical or classical music: there are shows for everyone in Nijmegen.

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22.30: return to the hotel or Bed & Breakfast 

Spend the night in a luxury hotel room at Mercure Hotel Nijmegen, next to the train station. Or sleep on a boat at B&B Opoe Sientje.

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9.30: wake up with breakfast

Get some more rest by having breakfast at LUX Nijmegen. The menu includes several tasty breakfasts and specialty coffees. A great way to wake up!

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10.30: visit the Museum De Bastei 

Learn more about life in, around, and by the river at Museum De Bastei: literally touch the past of 2,000 years of buildings on the river. Inside the casemates, cannon corridor, and the tower, you’ll experience the story of previous inhabitants through unique Roman wall remains, a piece of Valkhof Castle, and the remains of the Bastei (bastion) itself.

12.30: eating cake

Discover Nijmegen’s sweet side and eat a delicious cake at Smaakrijk: the place to enjoy cakes and other sweets.

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14.00: walk through the Rivierpark 

After having discovered Nijmegen’s sweet side, it’s time to see more of its green side. Take a walk through Nijmegen's Rivierpark, which was built to prevent flooding and protect residents from the force of water. The dike at Nijmegen-Lent has been (re)placed 350 meters inland. This has created an elongated island in the river Waal, which lies between the historic city centre and the new district of northern Nijmegen. Discover a mix of water and nature, recreation, and urban activities.

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Time to spare? - Discover more nature

15.30: cozy lunch

We’d love to recommend you all the lunch spots in Nijmegen – but unfortunately that isn’t possible, so you’ll have to choose one! Pick a spot along the Waalkade and enjoy the beautiful view at Dock 17 or at WERF.

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19.00: dine along the waterfront

Dine along the waterfront at Bistrobar Bankoh. Asian scents and spicy bites, all in a Bistro jacket. Plus, it’s in a prime location, with a view of the Waal and the old harbour. What more could you want?

10.00: reminiscing with a morning meal

Experiencing a weekend in Nijmegen means a lot of afterglow! At Hotel Credible you can order a tasty morning meal and a cup of coffee. Talk about all the experiences, discoveries, and fun moments of the last couple of days.