9x breakfast spots in Nijmegen

It's morning and you're in the mood for a delicious breakfast, but chances are you don't feel like whipping something up yourself. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can get a take-out breakfast! We’ve listed some of them for you.

1. De Fabriek

De Fabriek is hidden behind large industrial gates in the Van Welderenstraat. They’re open on Wednesday to Sunday starting at 11.00 am. Would you like some drinks with your breakfast? All their drinks are also available for takeaway!

2. Fresca

Order delicious breakfasts at Fresca every day starting at 08.30! Fancy a winter-y yoghurt bowl or eggs benedict? Or do you prefer a well-stocked breakfast box with fresh juice, smoothie, croissants, burritos, and more? One thing is certain... you’re going to enjoy it!

3. Yoghurt Barn

Picking up breakfast at Yoghurt Barn Nijmegen is possible starting at 10.15 am, which is an easy choice for real yoghurt fans! Order your favourite yoghurt specials, overnight oats or breakfast deal online. Do you prefer to sleep in? Then you're in luck, because the breakfast deal can be ordered all day long.

4. Fika

Eat Fika at home! Every week from Thursday to Sunday, they’re open for takeaway starting at 10am. The selection changes every weekend, but you can always go there for a smørrebrød. And that makes your day!

5. Kushiin

Start your day with a holy pancake, bowl or a smoothie from Kushiin. Don't feel like waiting? Then order quickly on their website and they will make sure it’s ready when you can come to pick up your order.

6. Bagels & Beans

You can also enjoy your daily dose of bagels at home with Bagels & Beans (on the Van Broeckhuysenstraat or the Lange Hezelstraat). A menu, box or individual bagel: you can order them all!


PUUX is open for takeaway every day starting at 10.00 am. Rest assured, they still offer their entire menu. The choice is huge!

8. Brasserie Jolie

You can find Brasserie Jolie in Nijmegen-Oost: a nice place where you can pick up delicious sandwiches Wednesday to Monday starting at 11.00 am!

9. Het Bakkerscafé

Whether you order a breakfast for yourself or want to have breakfast with your friend, sister or colleague, at Het Bakkerscafé they’ve put together delicious breakfast packages.



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