The nicest place in Nijmegen to get a breath of fresh air? That has to be the Waalkade! Sit on a terrace, take a nice walk, hang out on the grass and enjoy the prettiest view in Nijmegen. There is plenty to do at the renovated Waalkade. Discover how beautifully it has been refurbished and which new catering hotspots opened their doors.

Have a fresh Waalwolf beer, treat yourself to a delicious lunch or put on your running shoes and work on your fitness. Taste the impressive history at De Bastei and check out the historical ships in the Lindenberghaven. All this with the Waal bridge and bustling ship traffic as scenery: you won't find anything more Nijmegen than this.

Twan enjoys bringing people together at the Waalkade

Whenever Nijmegen hosts a large event, chances are Twan Krebbers and his team organised it. Twan and his team are one of the trendsetters of the city's nightlife scene and are, among other things, known for their Matrixx events.

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Stefan regards the Waalkade as a hotspot filled with good initiatives

Stefan Kloeg came to Nijmegen to study at HAN in 2010. He fell in love with the city and now, ten years later, he's on the verge of opening his own pub: Gran Café De Waterwolf.

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To Ole, the Waalkade is a book full of stories

As striker of N.E.C., Ole Romeny always gives his all on the field. But what does this young Nijmegen soccer talent do to relax in his free time? "What I enjoy best, is to stroll along the Waalkade in the evening to completely unwind."

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