Food & drinks

Grab a chair and have a seat. With the extensive range of restaurants in Nijmegen, you will always find one to your liking. From world kitchen to a regional dish, there is plenty of choice. And of course: this is also the place to go for a good cup of coffee and a heavenly beer. Among other things, Nijmegen is a good place for cosy lunchrooms, affordable eateries, early breakfast joints, tasteful restaurants and atmospheric pubs.

Start with breakfast

Are you looking for a fun location to have breakfast? Then Nijmegen is city to be! A place to read a book in the morning, start your day of shopping, recuperate from last night's painting the town red, or simply a place to catch up with friends or family. Nijmegen offers plenty of cosy, rugged, or beautiful locations to get a delicious breakfast!

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Go for lunch

There are numerous lunchrooms in Nijmegen. Every street in the city centre offers locations to rest for a bit with a delicious lunch. There is plenty to get: delicious sandwiches, French toast, yoghurt or salads. Also, there are plenty of lunchrooms for getting a smoothie or opting for a little pie as lunch. Everything is possible!

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Grab a cup of coffee

Nijmegen’s city centre is home to lots of cosy cafes, pubs, restaurants, and lots of coffee bars! Order a cup of coffee with your colleague, friend or family member and catch up – or combine a cappuccino with some cake or a delicious lunch. You can do it all in Nijmegen!

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High tea in the afternoon

Are you a tea lover looking to find the best places to host a high tea in Nijmegen? You’re in luck: Nijmegen’s full of them. Scones, sandwiches, quiches, and different kinds of tea are all essential parts of it – discover Nijmegen’s diversity of high tea places!

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Go out for dinner

Nijmegen has a varied range of restaurants offering delicious food and drink. Are you searching for that one restaurant in Nijmegen with the boldest menu, the most beautiful decoration and location or with the friendliest staff? Then take a look at our list of places to eat in Nijmegen.

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The best restaurants - Something for everyone

Having drinks into the night

Nijmegen has the highest terrace density in the Netherlands. Plenty of space to have a drink out in the sun. Even when it rains, the city has many intimate and warm bars to enjoy drinks for hours. Looking over the river Waal or entire city with your favourite drink in hand. Drinks ranging from beer tastings to virgin cocktails. Hurry up and plan your visit!

Pubs & bars