7x parks outside of the city centre

Getting out of the house and breathing some fresh air can be good for you, especially if the days are shorter and the weather is colder and less beautiful. There’s no better place to take a walk than one of the beautiful parks in Nijmegen; there are a couple well-known parks in the city centre, but nature isn’t limited to the boundaries of the city centre.

1. Park Brakkenstein

One of the most beautiful parks outside of the city centre is located in the Heijendaal district: the monument Brakkenstein park, a beautiful English landscape park. It has housed a botanical garden, the Hortus Nijmegen, since the 1960s. Here you can take a nice stroll, quietly enjoy nature, and photograph the beautiful formations.

2. Goffertpark

From concerts and festivals to long summer evenings on a picnic rug in the grass: almost everyone in Nijmegen has done it at least once. But even when the weather is colder, being in the Goffertpark is a lovely experience. Take a walk or visit the petting zoo!

3. Julianapark

A park named after Juliana of the Netherlands in the Altrade district in the East of Nijmegen. Here you can find a Juliana tree, Beatrix tree, and a monumental beech and boxwood. With a small playground, adjacent sports fields and a dog-walking area, there’s something for everyone in this park.

4. Park West

Park West is an extraordinary park: it’s a chain of small and large parks in the Western part of Nijmegen. Connected by green streets and bicycle and walking paths, you can easily reach the different parks. Part of Park West is, for example, Planetenpark, Westerpark, Villapark, Kometenpark and many other parks and greeneries.

5. Stadspark Staddijk

A city park on the west side of Nijmegen in the Dukenburg district. Various forest paths wind along a river, providing for a varied landscape: a great park for relaxing and unwinding.

6. Park Jonkerbosch

Next to the Gofferpark, you’ll find the Jonkerbosch. This beautiful, peaceful park is home to a military cemetery: all allied soldiers who fell on Dutch soil during Second World War are buried here. Jonkerbosch is definitely worth a visit.

7. Park Kopsehof

Kopsehof, also known as Kops Plateau, is a high plain located in the east of Nijmegen. You can take a stroll through the green surroundings and enjoy the beautiful view. Not only is it a recreational area: this part of Nijmegen has a rich history, with many archaeological finds having been made here.

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