Long weekend in Nijmegen

Nijmegen seems like a small city, but you’ll need three days to explore everything properly. Culture, nature, history and epicurean delights. With the highest density of outdoor seating areas in the Netherlands, you can enjoy yourself for three days anyway. Visit a museum, go out and start each day with a good breakfast. Are you ready for three days in Nijmegen?

Discover Nijmegen’s hotels

Whether you fancy a weekend for just the two of you or a mini-holiday for the whole family, you’ll always find a place to sleep in Nijmegen. Choose a hotel close to the centre or unwind just outside of it. Nijmegen has many fine hotels and we’re here to help you pick one.

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Day 1

15:00: visit muZIEum

What’s it like to be blind or partially sighted? You can read about it or watch an expert talk about the subject in the comfort of your home, but you can experience it for yourself at the muZIEum. Follow a blind or partially sighted guide into their world – the world of not being able to see (much). The muZIEum has two different dark experiences and an outdoor experience; a unique tour in Nijmegen’s city centre!

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17:00: drinks in the oldest café of Nijmegen

De Blaauwe Hand is a café has a historical tradition of hospitality, starting in 1542. Originally, its building and the houses next to it formed a single building: the Lakenhal (Cloth hall). This Lakenhal or Gewandthuis was built around 1320. The blue-grey pillars and the façades of the building date from the same time.

18:00: historic dining out

The most famous dining location of Nijmegen is De Waagh on the Grote Markt. Built in 1612, De Waagh (Weighhouse) was originally a weighing house where merchants had to weigh their merchandise.

Day 2

10:00: waking up in Hotel Nimma

Did you wake up in Hotel Nimma? Then you can start your day right away with their delicious breakfast options.

11:00: explore Nijmegen’s surroundings

Discover the highlights of Nijmegen’s surroundings by bike! The great diversity has you biking over dikes along rivers one moment and then through forests and over hills the next. Check out the routes. Don’t have a bike? You can rent one.

Day 3

12:00: late breakfast or lunch

Fika has a nice breakfast café which serves smorrebrod: generously filled multigrain sandwiches, a Scandinavian specialty. Where they’re located? Van Broeckhuysenstraat 5.

13:00: city walk and the Stevenskerk

A green line winds, dances, lives, and leads, through the centre of Nijmegen. The Walk of the Town is an experiential route through the city past cultural hotspots and historical and iconic buildings with special views. The line will take you on a journey through Nijmegen’s most special places. And you can’t miss out on the Stevenskerk during your walk through the city.

10:00: wrap up with a nice breakfast

BUUV, overlooking the Goffertpark, is maybe the best location to end your three-day stay in Nijmegen. Take a lovely walk before or after breakfast in the Goffertpark! BUUV is an allergy-friendly place where you can order a tasty breakfast, regardless of any dietary restrictions you might have.

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