13 places to drink coffee in the centre of Nijmegen

There’s a coffee shop on every corner of the city. Whether you’re looking for a cup on the Grote Markt, Lange Hezelstraat, Koningsplein, Pauwelstraat, Ziekerstraat – you can score cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, chai lattes, expressos or cold iced coffees everywhere!  Are you grumpy in the mornings if you don’t breathe in the warm aroma of coffee? Or are you just looking to discover a new coffee shop? Read this list and plop down at one of these locations.

1. Bairro Alto

You’ll find Bairro Alto hidden behind Nijmegen’s busy Grote Markt: a place that smells like freshly baked cake and coffee every day.

2. Doppio

“We love to make it for the city that loves to drink it.” Doppio’s ready to make your favourite coffee, smack dab in the middle of Nijmegen. Drop in for a chat, to enjoy yourself, to relax or to work.

3. a t e l i e r.

New in Nijmegen: a t e l i e r. An ALL DAY coffee and drinks store, whose bar strings together moments of pleasure throughout the day. Fancy discovering something new? Then head on over to Van der Brugghenstraat 14.

4. Kushiin

We’ll leave Kushiin’s description to its owner, Abdi Kadar, because we can say it better ourselves: “I’m a big coffee lover. What makes Kushiin unique, aside from the coffee and delicious dishes, is the warmth and comfort we strive to radiate as a business.”


If you stroll down the Lange Hezelstraat, this little joint is almost impossible to miss. Their fun counter, as they themselves call it, is open to everyone. You can also take a seat on their own outdoor seating area or have a nice cup of coffee inside.

6. Zeezicht

For a good cup of coffee (with a little something sweet) head to Zeezicht, at the start of the Marikenstraat.

7. Gesha

Gesha is a boho-chic coffee bar with a great view of the Waal river. With varied specialty coffees, you can experience experimental flavours like peach, chocolate, and jasmine. Their trained baristas are at your service with comprehensive advice.

8. Camelot

Camelot is impossible to miss if you’re on the Grote Markt. You might know them because of their great beers, but you can also order a delicious cappuccino starting 10.00 am.

9. Borboleta

Borboleta is a social enterprise where both the service and culinary staff consists of people with a (mental) disability and/or people with poor job prospects. It’s a nice cozy place in Mediterranean style where the coffee beans come from coffee roasters Coffun: a social enterprise in Malden. From a cortado to a flat white, there’s cups of coffee for everyone!

10. PUCK Specialty Coffee

The name says it all: PUCK specializes in coffee. Here you’ll always be able to find a coffee you like. Do you like a fruitier coffee? Or a nutty and chocolate-y kind? PUCK will be able to advise you on the different coffees they serve and what will be best suited to you.

11. Hotel Credible

Hotel Credible where you can enjoy a warm atmosphere, people, music, and delicious coffee. It’s a great option for early risers: they open their coffee bar at 08.00 am.

12. Café De Zon

Are you walking across the street from the Rivierenpark? Café de Zon is the place to stop for a coffee. They’ve been the café of the island since 1921 and are also the oldest café in Lent.

13. Bhalu

Bhalu, a cozy living room where you can talk, laugh, and share knowledge with others. But you can also relax on your own while enjoying a nice cup of coffee!

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