Walk of the Town

It squirms, it dances, it lives, and it leads. The Walk of the Town is an adventure route throughout the city, passing by cultural hotspots, historical and iconic buildings with marvelous views. It takes you on a journey to the most exciting places of Nijmegen. Whether it is a time capsule in a park, ahead on a city gate, or secret underground tunnels, with the Walk of the Town you’ll see it all. Just follow the line and see where it takes you!

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For whom?

The Walk of the Town is for the young and the young at heart. For those who don’t want an ordinary city walk. An app or guide is not necessary; you can simply just start following. The line takes you to three big museums (Museum Het Valkhof, De Bastei and MuZIEum), to small and big cultural institutions, and to nice restaurants and cafés. The Walk of the Town is for those who don’t know Nijmegen yet and for those who want to get to know Nijmegen in a different way. 


The Walk of the Town is over 7 kilometers long and consists of two loops; the upper city and lower city. Both loops come together at the market square. There is no official start or end, you can just begin walking when you see the line. You can do it in one day, or take the whole week, it’s up to you! 

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For the elderly and people with a physical disability

Walk of the Town is also accessible for the elderly and people with a physical disability. There are stairs at three locations: 

  • The extra loop around St Steven’s Church (Sint Stevenskerk) (see number 1). You can skip these steps and continue to follow the line via Stikke Hezelstraat. The church is accessible via Grote Markt square (see number 3).
  • Between Koningsplein square and Marikenstraat (see number 9). To avoid stairs, proceed directly from Koningsplein square to Marikenstraat or vice versa and use the escalator or elevator on Marikenstraat that connects to the upper level.
  • Behind the archway of arthouse LUX (number 28), you need to ascend or descend a few steps. These can be avoided by using the ramp on the left side of the building if you enter from the van Broeckhuysenstraat (or on the right side if you enter from Marikenstraat).

Voerweg street (see number 14) is very steep. To avoid making this climb, you can skip this loop and proceed directly from number 27 to 21 (or vice versa) by taking the elevator at the Veerpoort stairs (see number 21).

Art along the route

Throughout this year, artist Niels van Bunningen will design, create and place 10 artworks along the Walk of the Town route. The artworks will all be linked to the history of Nijmegen. The first piece of art en route can be seen in the Piersonstraat. It refers to the Pierson Riots. In the background, you find an abstract police officer. In the front, one of the houses that was torn down, symbolizing the togetherness of the protestors. 

Along the way, you’ll find more and more pieces of street art in the course of the year. They are made by Krista Burger, in collaboration with The Big Draw. They bring the stories of the Walk of the Town to life.

The story of Niels

Information along the route

In 10 locations along the Walk of the Town and 4 places nearby, there are informational signs with fun facts, historical anecdotes and distinguishing features of the location. Nine of them have already been placed in its original framework, 5 have gotten a temporarily construction at first. The story of Mariken van Nimwegen, the Pierson Riots, bombings, haunted houses...  History will come to life again, broaden your views and will make you love the city even more!

You will find many cultural institutions, shops and restaurants along the Walk of the Town. Curious?

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The Walk of the Town is an initiative of the municipality of Nijmegen, in collaboration with Jozien Wijkhuijs & Thijs van Beusekom (USE-IT Nijmegen) and Jan-Wieger van den Berg & Corrie Kuijs (Besiendershuis). The art objects along the line are made by Niels van Bunningen. Behavioural experts from Shift gave advise. ACBN Evenementenbureau Nijmegen took care of the project management and marketing.