Start in Nijmegen

Nijmegen has a lot to offer in terms of studying, working and business. Come and study at one of the colleges in Nijmegen and enjoy student life. Nijmegen is one of the global leaders in the Health & High Tech sector, find out why! And learn which innovations come from the Rijk van Nijmegen. In other words, start in Nijmegen!


Discover everything about studying in Nijmegen. Which (high) schools and universities there are, which student association you can join and what are the best places to go to as a student. Have you already thought about a part-time job or where you are going to live? No worries, here you will find everything about Nijmegen, one of the largest student cities in the Netherlands.

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Work & entrepreneurship

Nijmegen is a city that presents itself as a global top player in solving social issues and problems. With its significant position in the Health & High Tech sector, Nijmegen belongs to the international top when it comes to improving the quality of life, healthcare and the development of high-quality technology for various social applications.

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Start in the oldest city in the Netherlands

The oldest city in the Netherlands is bursting with energy! In other words: Old City, Young Vibe. Whether it is a night out, culinary dining, shopping or nature, Nijmegen has it all. Within walking distance. From the heart of the city, you can be on the Waal beaches between the Konik horses within 15 minutes.

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Discover Nijmegen

Are you here to study? Or do you want to start your own business here? Then get to know the city first! The city is extremely diverse and offers a wide range of possible activities. Think of dining in nice restaurants, visiting cultural hotspots, shopping in the oldest shopping street of the Netherlands, and listening to music during a concert or festival. Let the versatility surprise you!

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