Valkhofkwartier has many cosy restaurants, beautiful museums, fun events, history and the market. It is the place in Nijmegen that you should not miss.

Meet at the Valkhofkwartier

The Valkhofkwartier offers a brilliant mix of shops, restaurants, museums, parks and history. Whatever and whenever you need, it is the place for you. One of the main attractions is the long strip of restaurants at Kelfkensbos. Meat, Fish, Thai, Greek, Indian, Pizzas and Pancakes, you will find it all.

For example, go to Nelis Restaurant & Bar for creative dishes. If you are a meat lover, then you have come to the right place at butcher-bar-restaurant The Black Fox. And of course you go to Pizzabakkers for pizza.

Visit the market

The Valkhofkwartier market is famous in Nijmegen. At Kelfkensbos, a large vegetable market is held every Monday, and on Saturdays, it is the location for anything fresh and biological. The market weaves through the following streets: Augustijnenstraat, Grote Markt, Burchtstraat and Hoogstraat.

Soak up some culture

Valkhofkwartier is endowed with much cultural beauty. Choose for a night of stand-up, a dance performance, or a night of dancing. Another option is to visit one of the five museums located in the Valkhofkwartier.

Dive into history

Go on a voyage of discovery and imagine yourself in the wealthy history of the Valkhofkwartier, with its many historical layers. Romans, Middle Ages, and WW2; they all left their mark.