5 places to eat burgers in Nijmegen

A hamburger is great, no matter time or place! Add fries or a drink to make it even better…  Fancy a burger? These places in Nijmegen make a mean one:

1. Restaurant Wally

Ever been to Wally before? Burgers are the focus here, so this is the perfect place to eat some. Their menu is varied and sustainable: their burgers are made from organic cow meat. Their uncommon toppings turn regular burgers into high-quality dishes. Next to the delicious burger, you can also find fries, salads, and other side dishes on the menu. They also have great vegetarian options. Order a specialty beer and enjoy!

2. Funkenstein

Funky beers, funky wines, funky drinks and... Funky food! Funkenstein's menu features a variety of burgers made using 100% beef or Beyond Meat (vegetarian). Their dishes are served with a salad and homemade fries. Funkenstein has an extensive beer list, good wines and cocktails: if you’re looking for something nice to drink with your burger, this is the place to be.

3. Meet & Ribs Nijmegen

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner at Meet & Ribs Nijmegen. At Meet & Ribs you can order à la carte as well as enjoy an unlimited Burgundian tasting. They select only the best Irish Black Angus beef, known for its delicious tenderness. Their burgers are prepared well-done on the lava grill. Sounds good! Are you a vegetarian? No problem, all burgers have veggie varieties.

4. Freddy's Beerkitchen

Freddy’s serves urban food – and artisanal burgers. They serve burgers all day long and their record player plays songs from early in the morning until late at night. One visit to Freddy's is guaranteed to keep you coming back for the delicious burgers. Their specialty beers are also highly recommended.

5. Burgerme

Need a quick burger? You can get one at Burgerme at Regulierstraat 59! You have plenty of choice of burgers here, including vege(taria)n burgers. Don't feel like stopping by? You can also order some online.

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