A day in Nijmegen for nature lovers

One moment you’re standing eye to eye with Koniks, the next you’re leaning back on an outdoor seating area on the Grote Markt. Nijmegen is a very versatile city, so there’s a lot to discover. One day out in Nijmegen and you'll experience the beauty of nature, get a glimpse of history, eat at the best restaurants, and discover theatres.

9.00: breakfast & coffee

Have a nice and quiet start of the day at Café de Blonde Pater, where you can come by early in the morning for delicious breakfasts and coffee. Nothing’s better than a good start of your day!

Breakfast in Nijmegen

10.00: discover Nijmegen’s nature

There is much to discover in the Ooijpolder nature reserve – not just various animal and plant species, but also dikes and hills where people used to live. Take a walk through the Ooijpolder and come face-to-face with Koniks, Galloway cattle, big geese, beavers, and otters. Walking across the Ooypoort Walking Bridge takes you directly into the Ooijpolder. One side of the bridge is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city, while the other side is in the middle of this peaceful nature reserve. This is what makes Nijmegen so special: nature and city are so closely related.

12:30: lunch on the Waalkade

After a brisk walk in the Ooijpolder, it's time for lunch. Pick a nice spot at Grand Café Waterwolf’s outdoor seating area, where you can overlook the Waal river. They have a wide selection of sandwiches and salads at lunchtime.

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14.30: art route through Nijmegen

The art route Wederopbouwroute is a walk through Nijmegen where you will encounter works of art from the post-war period (1945-1965). This period is also known as the reconstruction period. Discover reliefs, mosaics, wall sculptures, and plastics, all with special cultural value. This 2 km route goes via the train station to the Kronenburgerpark and then through the city centre.

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15.30: sitting in the sun

There are plenty of nice places to sit in the sun with a drink and some bitterballen in Nijmegen. Relax on De Waagh’s outdoor seating area, overlooking the Grote Markt. De Waagh is a historic building, built in 1612, and a real eye-catcher on the Grote Markt.

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17.30: a great dinner

After a long day of getting to know Nijmegen, you’re probably ready to eat some dinner. De Hemel is located in the Commanderie van St. Jan, a medieval monastery building in the centre of Nijmegen. Enjoy Burgundian cuisine in this restaurant’s unique setting.

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20.00: see the best performances

LUX is the largest arthouse in the Netherlands with daily film, theatre, dance and music performances, debates, festivals and a delicious café and restaurant. Get inspired, be entertained, enjoy yourself, and go to one of the performances in LUX. There’s something for everyone: decide for yourself what you feel like!

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10:30 p.m.: staying overnight in Nijmegen

Would you like to book a hotel? Or a Bed & Breakfast? In Nijmegen you can do both! Spend the evening under the sheets at Hotel BlueManna or Guesthouse Vertoef. Or crawl under the sheets at B&B WestZijde or Opoe Sintje.

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10:30: breakfast

Didn’t include breakfast when you booked your overnight stay? No problem! There are so many nice places in Nijmegen where you can have a delicious breakfast. Sit down at Yoghurt Barn Nijmegen, chat about your day, and order some tasty yoghurt.