Drinking coffee in Nijmegen

Nijmegen’s city centre is home to lots of cosy cafes, pubs, restaurants, and lots of coffee bars! Order a cup of coffee with your colleague, friend or family member and catch up – or combine a cappuccino with some cake or a delicious lunch. You can do it all in Nijmegen!

Coffee on every street

There’s a coffee shop on every corner of the city. Whether you’re looking for a cup on the Grote Markt, Lange Hezelstraat, Koningsplein, Pauwelstraat, Ziekerstraat – you can score cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, chai lattes, espressos or cold iced coffees everywhere!

Did you know you can even drink a cup right next to the Stevenskerk at Philipse Koffie en Brocante? Definitely worth a visit!

Coffee bars

LUX doesn’t just host theatre performances or movies: they also serve delicious coffees! Or drink a cup at Mariënburg Library and settle down with a book. Dekker v.d. Vegt also has a reading café where you can order coffee with great homemade pastries.

Looking for great places that are passionate about coffee? Go to Doppio EspressoKushiinGeshaPUCK or COFFEELAB.

Grab some lunch and a cup of coffee

Aside from having a cup of coffee at all of Nijmegen’s coffee bars, there are also a lot of lunchrooms and cafes where they make a mean cup. Order a coffee and a nice sandwich, fried egg, soup, salad or a three-course meal with it!

There are plenty of other great locations to go! Need some tips? Check out ZeezichtFikaBiesselsHotel BlueBackwerkBhaluThe Lobby and Borboleta. Stop by and taste their caffeinated cups of joy!

Need more tips?

Whether you’re on the Grote Markt looking for a cuppa, the Lange Hezelstraat, Koningsplein, Pauwelstraat or the Ziekerstraat: you can score a cappuccino, latte macchiato, chai latte or espresso! Do you need coffee to wake up in the mornings? Or are you looking to discover a new indie coffee shop? 

Coffeebars in Nijmegen

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