Day trip: 24h in Nijmegen

A deep dive into history or relaxing in a steaming hot tub, strolling down the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands or along the Waal river, biking or golfing, or maybe just sitting back and relaxing with some drinks – it’s normal to be confronted with these kinds of dilemmas in Nijmegen. Whether you like cycling, walking, swimming, skating, golfing, bowling or climbing, Nijmegen is the ideal place for those who can’t sit still – but also a great place to relax!

10:00: start your day with a cup of coffee

What could be better than starting your day in Nijmegen with a delicious cup of coffee? Go to PUCK speciality coffee and choose your favourite flavour: fruity or nutty. Haven’t eaten yet? Try one of their delicious breakfasts.

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12:00: get out and about

Take a walk through the historic city centre by following the green line or explore the surrounding nature reserves. Did you know you can go on lovely walks in the greenery surrounding the Waalstad? Stroll along the waterfront past Polish Koniks and wild cattle.

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14:00: time for lunch

You must be hungry after a long hike. Take a seat at the Blonde Pater for a great lunch! Talk about everything you’ve seen together and make plans for the next couple of hours

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15:00: discover our Roman past

What was it like to live as a gladiator, knowing every day could be your last, and being worshipped by 50,000 people? Valkhof Museum will take you to ancient Rome, with the best of Roman Holland, a colourful collection of modern art, and a wonderful collection of ancient art. They pay lots of attention to Nijmegen’s illustrious history with Charlemagne’s Valkhof castle. Learn all about the Roman army and everyday life when Nijmegen was the largest Roman city in the Netherlands!

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17:00: recovering after your tour through history

All that information about the Romans need to sink in – and the best way to do that? Settling down in a nice bar or restaurant. There are plenty of great eateries close to Valkhof Museum, like Credible and ‘t Hoogstraatje. Did you know you can also spend a night at Credible? If you want to extend your stay, ask if they have room available.

19:00: dining out in Nijmegen

Walk towards the Waalkade and you’ll find plenty of restaurants where you can sit down and have dinner. At Grand Café de Waterwolf, you overlook not just the Waal river, but also the artwork at the Waterwolf and the Aquanaut. This way, you’ll learn a bit more about Nijmegen, too.

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22:00: going back to your hotel room

After such an active day, you’re probably more than ready for a good night’s sleep. Did you forget to ask Credible if they have spare room? No worries, there are plenty of locations to sleep the night away in a king-size bed.

Discover Nijmegen’s hotels

Whether you fancy a weekend for just the two of you or a mini-holiday for the whole family, you’ll always find a place to sleep in Nijmegen. Choose a hotel close to the centre or unwind just outside of it. Nijmegen has many fine hotels and we’re here to help you pick one.

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10:00: breakfast before departure

No breakfast service at your hotel? No problem! There are plenty of breakfast places in Nijmegen. Early birds can go to Smaakrijk of Fika – but if you prefer to eat breakfast a little later, you can try out Yoghurt BarnKatten Café Baltazar or Gesha.