Group activities

Looking for a fun group outing? Come to Nijmegen! Enjoy a drink on one of the terraces, escape from an escape room, play laser tag, or attend a festival together. In a group, you are bound to have a fun day in Nijmegen.

Indoor group activities

Fancy being active? Play a game of laser tag at LaserQuest. Or visit EnjoyVR, where all of you can balance at 50 meters high between skyscrapers, go scuba diving, or race on a Formula 1 track.

What never fails to be a hit is to go bowling for an evening; for this, you can visit Olround. They even have parties here every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening! On these evenings there is a spectacular light and sound show and the pins will be luminous. Definitely worth a visit!

Brain teasers

Nijmegen is home to many fun and exciting escape rooms; intended for both adults and children, in small or large groups. An escape room always revolves around performing under time pressure, cooperation and communication. In other words, an intense and challenging hour from which you will emerge stronger as a group of friends, colleagues, or family! Pick the escape room that suits you best.

There is more

Go shoot some pool at Café Pool or House of Billiards, play darts, go ice skating Triavium, bouldering at Grip Nijmegen, or jump at Jumpsquare. Create your own bonbons at a workshop by Chocobreak, learn how to dance at Danscentrum Vermeulen, or become a BBQ chef at Black & Blue.

Have drinks at a pub or on a terrace

Did you know that Nijmegen has the highest terrace density in the Netherlands? Plenty of locations to have a beer, gin and tonic, or virgin cocktail! Take a seat and unwind at the Koningsplein, at for instance, Café De Opera or Freddy's Beerkitchen, or at the pubs on Grote Markt and on Faberplein. You can enjoy your drink in a home-like setting at Café Wunderkammer. At Café Samson and de Tempelier you can have your drinks into the wee hours of the night. Discover more fun pubs here!

Beer tastings or wine tastings

Become acquainted with Nijmegen special beers and take a tour at Oersoep. Of course, the tour is concluded by a beer tasting at Stoom beer & food. Restaurant de Hemel offers a tasting of city brewery de Hemel. Café van Ouds and 't Zottelemmeke also offer beer tastings. However, should you prefer wine to beer? Then the places to be are Pinot, Wijn bij Arentz, or Lebowski.

Dance into the wee hours

Hitting the dancefloor together? Most nightlife venues are located in and around the Molenstraat. but there are plenty of other pubs and bars elsewhere downtown. From Wednesdays through Saturdays, Café Dollars offers live music, a Pink night out you will find at De Regenboog. You and your group can sing-along all night at Roxy's Karaokebar. 

For die-hard night-owls, Merleyn, Vasim, Doornroosje, and Brebl, regularly organise exciting night parties. Whether you love techno, funk, hardcore or jazz. There is something for everyone!

Soak up some culture

Nijmegen is known as a cultural city, so a group activity should not be without a cultural outing. Pay a visit to a museum, attend a performance, or choose a concert that suits your fancy.

Discover Nijmegen

Never been to Nijmegen or do you want to get to know the city better? Then take a beautiful city walk together. Without water, no Nijmegen, so a rowing trip certainly comes recommended. 


If you are not in the mood for research and simply want a total group package, then DoeNijmegen is your place to be.