Why study in Nijmegen

It is well known that Nijmegen is a real student city. The city is bursting with energy for young and old. There are many clubs, a nightlife for everyone, terraces on every corner of the street and of course the biggest event in the Netherlands. Nijmegen continues to surprise you as a student.


1. Great student associations

Are you new to Nijmegen? Then it is sometimes nice to join an association. You will get to know new people straight away. In Nijmegen there is plenty of choice! There are social, study and sports associations. Together you will do nice things like having an extensive dinner, doing activities and drinking a beer in the city. Often associations have a regular bar where they always go to.


2. Oldest city in the Netherlands

How nice is it to say that you study in the oldest city in the Netherlands? Already around the beginning of our era, Nijmegen became an important base for the Roman army. Nijmegen was also called Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum, and the emperor Trajan granted Nijmegen the city and market rights.


3. Dancing and going out

Nightlife in Nijmegen is always on. You can have a drink in a pub early or step into one a bit later. Or go crazy in the El Sombrero. Show off your dance moves in Bar Ruygh or socialise in the Bascafé.


4. Cultural hotspots

Nijmegen is not short of culture. And certainly not when it comes to cultural hotspots. Take a look at the Honigcomplex, Cultuurspinnerij De Vasim, NYMA, De Houtwerf and Paraplufabriek. All are a mix of cultural and artisanal businesses. Super interesting locations to visit with your fellow students. There are often nice lunch-, dinner- and coffee shops in the neighbourhood.


5. Cool studies

Of course you come to Nijmegen to study. Fortunately, Nijmegen offers a wide range of studies. That is not surprising with Radboud University Nijmegen, HAN University of Applied Sciences, ROC Nijmegen and Helicon as schools.


6. Picnicking in the park or by the water

Nijmegen is known for the large amount of nature in and around the city. What is so special is that within no time you are actually in nature! Cycle over the Snelbinder (also known as the bicycle bridge) and chill by the river Waal with friends. Or choose one of the parks to eat your homemade salad. Because we all know that student houses often have a small balcony or even no outside.


7. A terrace here and a terrace there

With the highest density of terraces, you will always find a nice place to sit. On every corner and in every street you will find a nice café or restaurant. Besides the fact that you can drink tasty mocktails, cocktails, wines and beers, you can often also play a game there. Fun, isn't it?


8. Sporty city

If you are going to study and live in Nijmegen, it is fun to play sports here. Go rowing at a rowing club, score points during a hockey match or throw your hips loose during a dance lesson. Want to save money? Then go running and make a round trip from the Waalbrug to De Snelbinder and back to the city. Or use the stairs at Veur-Lent to train your condition. Enough choice!


9. Parties, concerts and festivals all year round

In Poppodium Doornroosje many parties are organized. Famous artists also perform there regularly. Nijmegen has many nice festivals such as Drift, Music Meeting and The Nest Festival. Are you more into culture? Then take a look at the Kunstnacht, InScience and Go Short.


10. Study places in the city

Don't feel like cycling to uni or college? But you would like a bit more life around you? In the centre of Nijmegen there are many places where you can open your laptop. You can sit comfortably at PUCK and Fresca, but also at Vertoef. And have you thought about the library? Enjoy the new way of studying!


11. The biggest event in the Netherlands

Vierdaagsefeesten means seven days of partying, dancing, listening to music and more! It is the largest free event and one of the largest events in Europe with 1.5 million visitors. If you like crowds, then it is recommended to come to Nijmegen during this week! Also during this week De Vierdaagse (The Walk of the World), the largest walking event in the world, is held for four days. With the Via Gladiola as a finale.

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