15 places to eat for cheap

Eating out is always nice, but you might not have the money to eat at luxury restaurants. Sometimes you just want to eat for a cheaper price! Try out the following restaurants:

1. Van Buren

Van Buren doesn’t just serve delicious drinks: they also carry cheap dinners! Enjoy beef tenderloin, chicken satay, and salmon fillet for affordable prices.

2. De Dromaai

De Dromaai has a lot of cheap options on their menu: 3 courses will cost you around €20. You can also visit the restaurants in large group; it’s possible to make a reservation if your group is larger than 6 people.

3. Zappa’s

Craving pizza or pasta? Zappa’s is the place for you! Their pizzas and pasta dishes cost around €12.

4. De pizzabakkers

De pizzabakkers’s menu is full of delicious pizzas and tasty appetizers – all for a great price.

5. Restaurant Wally

Honest, tasty, organic, and cheap burgers: that’s what Restaurant Wally is all about. One of their juicy burgers will cost you €13.

6. Mr. Jack’s

Go in different direction at Mr. Jack’s, a Greek-Italian restaurant. Their pizzas, pasta dishes, and Greek grill dishes are a bargain! A gyros costs €8.95.

7. Hotel Credible

Vegans take note! Hotel Credible will serve you vegan dishes for a bargain (around €13). Their meat and seafood dishes are a little more expensive (around €16), but no less tasty.

8. Café Eten en Drinken Nijmegen

Café Eten en Drinken Nijmegen has a very affordable menu: their main dishes cost somewhere between €10 to €20. So, when are you coming over for a Mexican dish or some spareribs?

9. Freddy’s Beerkitchen

Order American burgers, hot dogs, and more urban dishes at Freddy’s Beerkitchen – all for a very affordable price. Beer lovers take note: they serve cold, home-brewed beers too!

10. Cali Nijmegen

Vegan tacos, burgers, loaded fries, and meal planks: you can order all of it at Cali Nijmegen (and more!). All their dishes are very affordable.

11. Tati Nijmegen

Tati Nijmegen is a super cosy place where you can order vegan dishes for an affordable price – and literally all their dishes are vegan. Most of them only cost around €15!

12. Café de Plak

They have a little bit of everything! Whether you’re looking for vegetarian, vegan, meat or seafood dishes – there’s something for everyone here, and all for under €20.

13. Eetcafé Camelot

At Eetcafé Camelot you can order delicious dishes (like the Camelot burger) for around €13! And to finish a great night of eating out, you can have a nice dessert for only €4.

14. Café St. Anneke

At Café St. Anneke, you can order a lot of delicious dishes for very little money! Meat and seafood dishes cost around €15 – but a vegetarian quiche isn’t much more expensive.

15. Eetbar Loek

Eetbar Loek has a small and quickly changing menu, but one thing stays the same: the dishes are cheap! It’s an eatery for everyone: approachable yet surprising.

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