The Hertogstraat, something for everyone! Fancy chic French cuisine, or rather home-made hamburgers? Would you like to take home some quality meat or enjoy a good glass of wine? That, and more, you will find with us.

Take your time when strolling through our street and enjoy our royal hospitality and versatility, the superior quality of food, drink, 'goods' and services. Please come in, have a seat, walk around, be waited on, ask for advice… but above all, be welcome!

The Entrepreneurs

Eat something, drink something, walk into a fun shop - just like that. Perhaps you are looking for a special wine or maybe a new bicycle? You name it… To spend a night, To bring Home, To Buy & To relax, all reasons to visit the Hertogstraat. What does this all mean?

For instance, that new barber shop where they will finally give you that new look? That niche shop to get the most delicious bites and drinks? The motorcycle shop where they, like no other, understand why you are ready for that new motorcycle? Or a relaxing place to enjoy your evening. This and more you will find at De Hertog!

The Hertog in a new guise

The Hertogstraat is in full motion. In order to make your stay even more pleasant, various changes have been introduced.

The speed limit went from 50 km/h to 30 km/h. There is now even more space to enjoy a drink and a snack, the street has been narrowed, making room for larger terraces. The cosy atmosphere of the wonderful companies has been increasingly brought outside.

The diversity of the street adds colour. Beautiful street art, inspired by the city's rich history, represents this colour and decorates the walls on various locations in the Hertogstraat. Have you spotted the street art yet?