8x best places to stroll through the forest in Fall

Look outside: is the weather cloudy with a chance of falling fall leaves? Perfect time to take a walk in the woods. Put on a warm coat and get some fresh air while walking through the beautiful forest surrounding Nijmegen. Nature might be at its most beautiful as all the trees slowly turn a golden yellow.

These eight walks, spanning 2.8 to 6.5 kilometres, start just outside Nijmegen and are at a biking distance from the city. Nice and easy!

1. De Bos en Heideroute (Forest and Heath trail) near Heumensoord – 6.1km

You might know Heumensoord as a spot where soldiers pitch their tents during the Four-Day Walk in Nijmegen, but that’s a shame: you can also do some really nice hiking here. There are beautiful beech trees and stretches of heathland, the most beautiful parts of which you will discover during the Forest and Heath trail. All you have to do is follow the red signs!

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2. Heerlijkheid Beek Walk – 3.5km

The Ommetje Heerlijkheid Beek route is only 3.5km long, but make no mistake: the elevation makes this a tough hike. However, walking uphill is rewarded with views over the Ooijpolder and the village of Persingen. The route follows part of the famous N70 nature trail, so you’ll see the most beautiful parts of the Beekse Bos.

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3. From Bronnenbos to Ooijpolder – 5km

The Bronnenbos is a very special place and a real discovery tripe for children. The water that bubbles up here has had a long journey: it started as raindrops, which fell on the hills a long time ago, where they seeped through the ground and were purified. 4,000 (!) years later, they’ve risen to the surface as crystal clear water. Will you come and discover it this autumn?

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4. De Vier Perken near Heilig Landstichting – 3.0km

The woods near Heilig Landstichting aren’t just a nice place to enjoy the colourful trees and falling leaves, you can also find some of Nijmegen’s Roman history there. When walking through the Louisedal, you’ll come across a kind of gully in the landscape, which is actually the aqueduct dug out by Romans centuries ago. Fascinating, right?

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5. Duivelsberg Hiking Trail – 2.8km

The Duivelsberg shouldn’t be overlooked. A lot of Nijmegen’s residents officially usher in the fall with a brisk walk through its woods. The forest here is always beautiful, with hills and viewpoints, no matter how often you come here. Follow the red posts for a short walk of 2.8 kilometres, and enjoy a hot chocolate with whipped cream afterwards.

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6. Duivelsberg Family Route – 2km

The family route is a short 2-kilometre route through the beautiful Duivelsberg area in the forests of Berg en Dal. The route offers a nice variety of vistas and cosy forest paths. The route takes place on flat terrain, making this walk a great option for families of different levels and ages. Great if you’re looking for an outing with your kids!

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7. Westermeerwijk Walk – 3.5km

The Westermeerwijk walk starts at Hotel Erica in Berg en Dal. The forest area is part of the lateral moraine, formed more than 150,000 years ago. It’s been a popular hiking area since the 19th century. The walk goes through a varied forest, with lots of elevation and beautiful views of the Meerwijk valley along the way. The walk takes you on a journey through time and lets you experience the area’s history. People with reduced mobility can sample the atmosphere from the easily passable main paths in the immediate vicinity of the starting point.

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8. Vennen Hiking Trail

The Overasseltse and Hatertse Vennen were formed some 10,000 years ago by the Maas and Waal rivers. Sand from the river bed was blown up into high dunes, which absorbed water because of the clay in the soil. This formed what we call a ven (fen) nowadays. This route takes you through this unique landscape and is super beautiful during autumn.

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