Where to stay

Whether you’re here for a shopping weekend or a vacation with the entire family: it is easy to find a good place to sleep in Nijmegen that fits your mood. You don’t just spend the night in Nijmegen, you are really there. Book a unique, hand-painted Roman suite and experience an historical night. All the more reason to stick around for a day, week or even longer; there are plenty of overnight stay options!

Hotels in Nijmegen

A comfortable soft king-size bed, close to central station or in the middle of the city centre? Nijmegen has plenty of options! Mercure Hotel Nijmegen is right by central station and offers luxurious hotel rooms and flexible workstations; ideal for when you have to work during your city trip.

Fancy a hotel in the heart of the city centre? Then go to Hotel de Prince, which is located in the oldest street of the Netherlands: de Lange Hezelstraat. At the edge of the city centre, located in characteristic mansions at the Oranjesingel, are the following hotels: Oranjestaete, Blue, and MANNA, for a lovely overnight stay in Nijmegen.

Bed & Breakfast

Don't feel like going to a hotel? Nijmegen has many snug and cosy bed & breakfasts where you can stay overnight. After a day of shopping, visiting a museum, or having some drinks, you crash down onto a delicious bed. Sleep in a boat with Opoe Sientje at the Lindenberghaven.

A wonderful experience with a delicious breakfast! At B&B Smedery you truly get acquainted with our water city because of the view it offers over the Waal river. Spending the night just outside the city centre at B&B/Pension Bottendaal or at B&B Westzijde on the Graafseweg.

Staying overnight outside the city centre

Hotel Nimma is well-poised just outside the centre for a short city trip with your loved one, family, football team or by yourself. Hotel Nimma is located on the Waal and is surrounded by creative and cultural hotspots such as the Honigcomplex and the Vasim.

Unwind at B&B Stadsoase Nijmegen; as soon as you enter its gates you find yourself in a green oasis and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. Would you like to completely unwind with your partner? Then book an overnight stay at Sanadome. With their herbal whirlpools, hot water baths and steam rooms you'll go home fully rested.

There's always a comfortable bed

Stay for a whole weekend

Nijmegen breathes culture, history and Burgundian pleasure! In the oldest city in the Netherlands, you will walk along historical locations, admire classical and contemporary art in museums, and experience various sorts of stage arts. In a short span of time, you'll get a good impression of the atmosphere of the Waal city, with its lively area, but it is too short to discover it all. All the more reason to stay in Nijmegen for a whole weekend.

Tips for a weekend stay

Plan your visit

Book a hotel for a weekend in Nijmegen and imagine yourself in the past of the oldest city in the Netherlands. There is much to do in Nijmegen throughout the year for everyone. On your own or with the whole family; there is no such thing as being bored here!

Things to do