24h in the oldest city of The Netherlands

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands. The Romans built the first, oldest and largest city of the Netherlands here: Ulpia Noviomagus. The history of the city can still be experienced in abundance today, which makes Nijmegen a wonderful city with rich stories. In this day out, you will experience Roman history yourself during a walk through the city centre, a visit to Museum het Valkhof, but you will also experience the rich history through restaurants, cafés, hotels and even through street art.

9.00: breakfast

Bairro Alto is located in a building that was built in 1903, by order of the 'Hollandsche Ijzeren Spoorweg Maatschappij'. You can still see that above the entrance of Bairro Alto! It served to house a travel agency and an order office. Now you can get a delicious breakfast there.

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10.30: Discovering the Roman Limes

The Lower Germanic Limes are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is the Roman national border in the present-day Netherlands and Germany. The Roman army camps at Valkhof, Hunnerberg and Kops Plateau are part of it. You can experience the Limes for yourself by following beautiful walking routes. Discover Roman Nijmegen with a route that runs through the centre of Nijmegen and takes you on a journey with fun facts and stories.  

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12.00: lunch at De Waagh

Discovering the history of Nijmegen is possible both inside and outside. Many lunch locations have a long history. Like at De Waagh. This historical building dates back to 1612. When you walk across the Grote Markt, you cannot miss it, it is a real eye-catcher. For many decades, merchants were obliged to have their goods weighed in the weigh house. The Waagh withstood all storms and even a heavy bombardment in the Second World War.

Close to the Waagh on the Grote Markt you will see the statue: Mariken van Nimwegen. Curious? Read the story of the most famous girl from Nijmegen here.

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14.00: to Museum Het Valkhof

Dive even deeper into the history of Nijmegen at Museum Het Valkhof. Here you will find the finest of the Roman Netherlands, a colourful collection of modern art and a wonderful collection of ancient art. Here you will learn everything about the Roman army and everyday life when Nijmegen was the largest Roman city in the Netherlands. In addition, there are several temporary exhibitions every year.

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Time left over after the museum? 

Erika Manders and Dennis Jussen have set up the 'Waalpaintings' project to show the history of Nijmegen through street art. One of the murals is called 'The Batavian Uprising'. It links the story of the Batavian Uprising (69-70) to that of the Pierson riots (February 1981). It can be seen in the alley next to Bistrobar Flores on Kelfkensbos and is definitely worth a look. The large work of art, made by artist Remco Visser and his colleague Naamloozz, is certainly not to be missed. In Nijmegen you can experience history in many and special ways and this is a perfect example of that. Here you can find more murals that show the history of Nijmegen, like 'The February Bombardment'.

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16.30: Drinks in the oldest pub of Nijmegen

Café In de Blaauwe Hand is Nijmegen's oldest pub where you can enjoy a drink. The history of this café goes way back. Since 1542, the café has a tradition of hospitality in a historical ambiance. Enjoy the atmosphere, a nice drink and toast to the history of Nijmegen!

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19:00: dining

In the centre of Nijmegen you will find Arsenaal 1824. It is a cosy and hip Grand Café and a modern, atmospheric restaurant, located in the listed building Vlaams Arsenaal. The history of the Arsenaal goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. It was built on the foundations of an old monastery and was originally used as an armoury. Today, you can enjoy the most delicious dishes from the French, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine here.

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21.00: drinks in the Lange Hezelstraat

The Lange Hezelstraat is Nijmegen's oldest shopping street. Here you will find enough nice bars and restaurants to have a drink. Take a seat at Café Funkenstein, a pub that has been situated in the Lange Hezelstraat since 1996. Or at Selbachs Nijmegen, where you can enjoy the best special beers, pub food and snacks. Cheers to a pleasant evening in Nijmegen!

23.00: Overnight in the oldest city in the Netherlands

After a long day of tasting history in the oldest city of the Netherlands, it is time to sleep. Sleep at Hotel Courage, situated in two former warehouses on the Waalkade. Or at Hotel De Gulden Wagen, where you will sleep in a beautiful historic building dating back to 1450. It is one of the oldest buildings in Nijmegen.

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