48 hours in the oldest city of The Netherlands

The history of Nijmegen goes back five centuries. Take a deep dive into the history of Nijmegen in a weekend in Nijmegen. Visit the symbol of the city, De Bastei, historic buildings and walk through the Nijmegen barrage and the Valkhof Quarter.

10:00: coffee and cake

Start your weekend Nijmegen with a hot cup of coffee and some goodies at Philipse Koffie & Brocante. They are located in one of the authentic canon houses.  In the Middle Ages and during the Ancien Regime, these were inhabited by a secular canon: a member of a secular chapter. It is beautifully served here on bric-a-brac crockery, what more could you ask for? 

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11.00: Visit museum De Bastei

In Museum De Bastei, you literally touch the past of 2000 years of building by the river. The story of life in, around and on the river is told here. In the casemates, cannon gallery and in the tower, you will experience the story of the previous inhabitants by means of unique Roman wall remains, a part of Valkhof castle and remains of the bastei itself. It is very impressive to go back in time so many years in this museum! You will also learn about the flora and fauna of the Geldrian river area. You will discover that there is much more to life in and around the city than you think!

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12.00: Walking through the Valkhof Quarter  

When you leave Museum De Bastei, stay a while longer to discover the history of Nijmegen in the Valkhofkwartier! Here you will make a time travel through Roman times, the Middle Ages and the Second World War.

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13:00: lunch at Café de Zon

It is time again to plop down at a nice lunch spot. Take a walk across the river Waal to Café de Zon, the café of Nijmegen's island. The brown cafe has been around since 1912 and is one of the oldest cafes in Lent. A café with a lot of history! Experience it yourself during a lunch afternoon at Café de Zon. 

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15.00: Discovering the symbol of the city

Behind St Stevenskerk there is a historical story that goes far back in time. Since the post-war restoration of St. Stevenskerk and the rebuilding of the St. Stevenstoren, it has become a beloved symbol of the city. The stories of St Stevenskerk can be found in the building itself, but also in the sculptures, stained-glass windows, tombstones, wall paintings, furniture and chandeliers. Good to know: you can get a guided tour here. A weekend in Nijmegen is not complete without a visit to this beloved symbol of the city.

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16.00: drinks on the Grote Markt

You walk to the Grote Markt from the Stevenskerk. The Grote Markt is one of the nicest locations in Nijmegen to have a drink. On the Grote Markt you can clearly see the difference between the north and south side of the square. The south side of the square was severely hit by the bombardment of Nijmegen in the Second World War. The north side has been well preserved. On the Grote Markt, take a seat at Grand Café Moenen to enjoy the sunshine. They have a wide range of special beers and wines.

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Mariken van Nieumeghen

When walking on the Grote Markt, take a look at the sculpture of Mariken van Nieumeghen. The sculpture shows Mariken van Nieumeghen contemplating her sins, separated from Moenen. The alley further on between the cafés is called Vijfringengas (Five Ring Gauze). This refers to the rings that Mariken had to wear around her neck and arms as penance. Read the whole story about Mariken van Nieumeghen here.

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18.30: dinner at De Hemel

Have you ever dined in a medieval monastery? You can at De Hemel! This restaurant is located in the Commanderie van St. Jan, which was built in 1196. The history of this building therefore goes back a long way! Experience a beautiful, cosy evening at De Hemel and enjoy the Burgundian cuisine and special setting.

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11.30: shopping in the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands

The Lange Hezelstraat is the ideal street for shopping! The range of shops is very diverse, so you can find everything here. New clothes, shoes, home decoration or something nice to take home. Discover for yourself what kind of nice things there are! 

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13:00: Grandmother's Kitchen Museum

The Grootmoeders Keukenmuseum is located in the Kronenburgerpark. You'll find the museum in the centuries-old Kruittoren, which is definitely not to be missed! The museum has a collection of antique kitchen utensils from grandma's kitchen days. Think of old biscuit tins, antique tea cups, egg cups, porcelain dolls and grandmother's kitchen utensils. You can also have a nice cup of coffee or tea here. Afterwards, you can take a stroll through the Kronenburgerpark.

14.30: lunch at In de Kazerne

In de Kazerne is located in a beautiful old barracks complex that was built in 1904 and 1905. Nowadays, In de Kazerne is the place to be for a delicious lunch, dinner and drinks. Discover the lunch menu, order a nice drink and enjoy the beautiful location!

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16.00: Walking route Hunnerberg

Walking route Hunnerberg is a walking route that largely runs along the lateral moraine in Nijmegen East. The route goes up and down and on the way you will come across a lot of (natural) history. You will also discover the history of Nijmegen in nature! Along the way you will pass Museum Kam, De Nijmeegse stuwwal, Kops Plateau and the Geometric artwork by Yvonne Kracht, among others.

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17.30: Visiting the Besiendershuis

Ommetje Hunnerberg ends near the Besiendershuis, one of the oldest houses in Nijmegen. The building was built in 1525, in Lower Rhine Gothic style. It was named after the besiender (or supervisor) whose task it was to collect the tolls which passing ships had to pay on the Waal. The house provides inspiration and makes room to think further, to reflect on the time and the identity of the city of Nijmegen.

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19.00: Cosy dining at Humphrey's

In 2019 Humphrey's has moved to Mariënburg 59. This is a monumental building: this used to be the film house Cinemariënburg. This is also reflected in the building: authentic elements such as stained glass, tiles and granite floors. The basement has been transformed into an attractive and cosy space for a pleasant meal. Take a seat at Humphrey's and talk about the (hopefully fantastic) weekend Nijmegen!

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