Living in Nijmegen

How nice that you are thinking about living in Nijmegen. Apart from the fact that there are many reasons to study in Nijmegen, there are also plenty of reasons to live here during your student years. Nijmegen is and remains a nice city with a full nightlife, nice pubs, many student associations and enough sports to practice.

Rent a room in Nijmegen

Are you looking for a room? Make sure you start on time and register everywhere. So that you will have your own place in time. In a student house, you are surrounded by students and that is, of course, very cosy. Many student houses have regular meals and drinks together and open their doors to each other. But you will also have your own place, which is nice when you need some time to yourself or to study. In addition, the kitchen, shower, toilet and sometimes a living room are shared. Some student associations have student houses, so if you become a member of an association, you may be able to live there.

Difficulty searching? Have a look at the sites:  SSHNWibecoEntree, Kamer Centrum and Kamernet. Or join the Facebook groups: Kamer Te Huur In Nijmegen and Kamersite.

Anti-squatting Nijmegen

In Nijmegen, buildings are regularly left empty because they are being demolished, renovated or sold. You can then live in these buildings temporarily. Anti-squatting is cheap, which certainly makes it attractive. You just have to be flexible, because there is a good chance that you will have to move often. The landlord has to comply with a number of requirements (quality mark for vacant properties), but so do you. Therefore, gain more insight into the advantages and disadvantages, requirements and conditions.

Looking for an anti-squatting house? Take a look at IntervesteAd Hoc and Villex.

City Council of Nijmegen

If you have found a home and are moving to Nijmegen, you will need to register with the municipality. You can do this online or by making an appointment. You can also arrange other things at the municipality, such as applying for your driving licence and passport. Or make a report via the digital counter. For example, if you see a lot of rubbish in the street, if you are bothered by vermin (e.g. the oak processionary caterpillar) or if companies are causing a nuisance. The municipality can then solve this for you as quickly as possible.

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