Many nice lunchrooms can be found in Nijmegen. Are you a cat lover? Then we even have a beautiful lunchroom where you will find yourself surrounded by cats: Kattencafé Balthazar. De Fabriek, in addition to being a lunchroom, is also a concept store.

Don't miss out on these lunchrooms

As there are many places to get lunch in Nijmegen, it can be a hard choice. We've therefore selected a number of places for you that you don't want to miss out on.

At Lange Hezelstraat (no.12) you will find Smaakrijk Lunch & Zo. A hip lunchroom that uses biological products for their delicious sandwiches. When heading downward in the direction of Kronenburgerpark, you will come across Lunch bar de Viking (no.114). A rugged lunchroom serving surprisingly delicious lunch dishes.

Restaurant New Dutch Street Food is a trendy restaurant halfway along the Marikenstraat that serves a very good and beautifully presented lunch.

On the Grote Markt (no. 42) there is the modern traditional Dutch pub, café Biessels. At this historical atmospheric pub you will enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, or a nice cup of coffee.

Hidden behind the hustle and bustle of the Grote Markt is Barrio Alto (Kannenmarkt 6). Get away from the crowds for a bit and enjoy their properly filled plates with fresh and mostly local products. Also located at Kannenmarkt, on no. 16, is Funky Salads. Let their freshly prepared vegetables, vegan burger, and of course, their salads surprise you! Compose your own salad or choose one of their favourites!

Lunchrooms with an historic tale

The city centre is always alive and therefore there are always new places popping up to have lunch in Nijmegen. Nonetheless, the old gems are also still doing great in the city centre! Such as de Waagh, with its building dating back to 1612. It had multiple functions over the years, but is currently a go-to location to get a nice lunch!

De Blonde Pater (Houtstraat 62) has been an indisputable fixture in Nijmegen since 1988 and is always very busy at lunchtime. Not only their sandwiches but also their various fresh juices make this a recommendation. It is said they serve the best coffee and apple pie in Nijmegen.