8x vegetarian restaurants in Nijmegen

What are the best places to eat vegetarian dishes? There are a lot of good ones in Nijmegen. We have made a list of a few vegetarian restaurants for you:

1. Tati

Tati is a great vegan restaurant – and also vegetarian! All their dishes are vegan, so there are enough different meals to choose from if you’re a vegetarian. Enjoy a delicious vegan cheeseburger or curry in their cosy restaurant.

2. Maoz Falafel

Enjoy a culinary experience from the Middle East at Maoz Falafel. Their menu is almost entirely vegan. Fill your own falafel sandwich with tasty salads and sauces (which they’re known for!). It’s going to be a great dinner, guaranteed.

3. Veggie Galore

Veggie Galore’s menu contains a lot of vegetarian dishes from Creole cuisine. They’re open on Fridays and Saturdays, and you’re guaranteed to eat a healthy (and tasty) meal here: as the name implies, their dishes are stuffed to the brim with vegetables.

4. Café de Plak

Café de Plak has a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The main dishes are served with two salads and cooked vegetables, plus hand-cut fries, rice or a potato dish. Try their famous cheese meatball! There’s also a vegan cheese meatball, if that tickles your fancy.

5. Restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel

De Nieuwe Winkel is a restaurant that’s trying to make the world a better place. More specifically, they’re specialized in botanical gastronomy or edible plants – a great place for vegetarians. Taste is a priority of theirs and they really try to surprise you with their dishes, using both local and foreign plants. Have you ever eaten a Japanese mountain asparagus? You can try one now! Let De Nieuwe Winkel surprise you.

6. Cali

Cali’s menu offers a variety of tasty options for vegetarians. It’s a new restaurant where you can dine all evening. Try ordering their delicious vegetarian and vegan meal plates.

7. Bhalu

A cosy restaurant with a great atmosphere and delicious “balance bowls” – bowls with, for example, spicy noodles. Center yourself at Bhalu and gain greater awareness of the balance of your body and mind; you can even take a yoga class here.

8. Thali Express

Enjoy some Indian Thali at Thali Express. Thali is an Indian plate on which small meals and other culinary delicacies are served – and everything is vegetarian! What’s on a Thali does change every so often, but it’s always great.

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