High Tech

Although Nijmegen is known for its 'health', the high-tech environment is just as impressive. It all started in 1953, when Philips N.V. moved into a facility in the city centre. Two years later, a large complex was built near Neerbosch. One factory after another was built here and it grew into one of the largest locations for semiconductor production in Europe.

Many years later, a strong high-tech network has formed on and around the former Philips semiconductor production site. With world-class players such as NXP, Ampleon and Nexperia. And an ever-growing ecosystem of promising chip companies, such as PinkRF, Trymax and NTS. Recently, the region welcomed the Chip Integration Technology Center: an open innovation centre focused on developing a new generation of chips.

Radio Frequency Solutions

Radio Frequency (RF) is the oscillation rate of an electric alternating current or voltage or an electromagnetic field or a mechanical system. Novio Tech Campus is home to companies that develop and produce energy solutions for industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and scientific applications.

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Chip integration

Without advanced packaged and integrated chips, we cannot live in smart homes, drive our autonomous cars or communicate over a 5G network. CITC develops packaging and integration technology for chips to provide solutions to societal challenges.

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The entire semiconductor chain in one country

The semiconductor industry in Nijmegen consists of representatives from all parts of the semiconductor value chain in the Netherlands. The semiconductor technology and business programmes focus on the critical issues and challenges facing the microelectronics industry.

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