Take a walk

You can walk straight into open countryside from Nijmegen. Meandering dikes, abandoned islands and quiet sections of reclaimed land: nature is at its best here. You could even find yourself face to face with Konik horses. Or choose the nature reserve of De Klompenwaard (with Fort Pannerden) and greet one of the friendly ‘Rode Geus’: large red-coated cattle.

Walk of the Town

It squirms, it dances, it lives, and it leads. The Walk of the Town is an adventure route throughout the city, passing by cultural hotspots, historical and iconic buildings with marvelous views. It takes you on a journey to the most exciting places in Nijmegen.

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Historical city walk

The city Nijmegen is exciting, interesting and with a turbulent history. You can find evidence of past times everywhere, both in old buildings and in the city architecture. An English-language guidebook is available for both cities including a historical city walk past the most significant highlights.

The guide to Nijmegen is available from:

Keizer Karelplein 32H Nijmegen

The walk of the world

The Nijmeegse Vierdaagse – the Four Days Marches in Nijmegen which is also known as ‘The Walk of the World’ – is the world’s biggest multi-day walking event. Each year, around 42,000 walkers take part from all across the globe, descending on Nijmegen for four days of walking in the splendid countryside around the city.

The event is not a race; it’s all about the sense of accomplishment. The participants walk for four consecutive days over a distance of 30, 40 or 50 kilometres, depending on their age and gender. Everyone who completes the event is awarded the coveted Four Days Marches Cross, which has the Dutch royal seal of approval. The finish along the ‘Via Gladiola’ is an unforgettable experience for the participants and spectators alike!

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Roaming routes full of adventure

Walking is fun, but roaming is more exciting! Stroll along winding cattle paths, often right next to the river, clamber over dikes and tree trunks and encounter Galloway cattle and Konik horses. There are numerous marked roaming routes along the banks of the Waal, Meuse and IJssel rivers. The routes range from 4 to around 10 kilometres and are clearly signposted. Please note: walk at your own risk, do not feed or disturb the animals, and dogs must be kept on a lead.

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