IntoNijmegen is a joint creation by several large actors in the city: Cultuur Netwerk Nijmegen, Huis voor de Binnenstad, Visit Arnhem Nijmegen, and the municipality of Nijmegen. These partners joined forces and collectively developed the website 'IntoNijmegen'.

The reason for creating the visitor's website is the need to bundle information and to better visualize all that Nijmegen has to offer for visitors. Together, we stand stronger. The website will bring together a lot of information from the individual partner websites and will eventually replace the current sites.

IntoNijmegen was developed for Nijmegen citizens who want to rediscover their own city and anyone else who wants to visit the city. Here you will find news and information about events, culture, history, shopping and experience.

Contact for questions on this website or organisation.

The IntoNijmegen editorial team

Ruud Verdellen - editor-in-chief
Belinda Limani - editor-in-chief
Emmy Bours - editor-in-chief
Kirsten van den Bree - editor
Lunya van Wunnik - city vlogger and social media editor

Volunteer team

Editors: Luus Veeken, Hedwig Sinnema, Heyta Melssen, Annika Eskes, Ferhat Tokbay, Jeroen Neefs, Sarah Pouwels, Amber Volman, Sam Heijmans, Laurie Maters en Loek Janssen.

Photographers: Edwin Smits, Eef van Bommel, Tycho van Dijk, Henk Beenen, Willem Melssen, Heyta Melssen, Martijn Kusters, Wilger Brevoord, Bob Janssen, Nadine Reef, Yoas Huwaë, Carmen Gerrits, Loes Krijnen, Toon de Vos, Frank van Raaij, Joost de Groot and Melian Alkemande.