Weekend trip

Nijmegen breathes culture, history and Burgundian pleasure! In the oldest city in the Netherlands, you will walk along historical locations, admire classical and contemporary art in museums, and experience various sorts of stage arts. In two days you'll get a very good impression of the atmosphere of the Waal city and its lively surroundings. Head out and discover for yourself!

Start the day with breakfast

In the city centre of Nijmegen, starting from 9.30 a.m. or 10.00 a.m. you can go to multiple locations to get your breakfast. Places like Smaakrijk, Grand Café Moenen, Du Commerce or Kattencafé Balthazar. Early birds can go to Hotel Credible, Yoghurt Barn, Tati Nijmegen, Hotel Manna and Blonde Pater for breakfast.

Of course, there are plenty of other locations to get a delicious breakfast in Nijmegen.

Go for breakfast

Discover the city with a walk

The centre of Nijmegen has so much beauty to offer, that you simply can't see it all in one day. We've made a selection of the most beautiful highlights and sights of our city, clearly showing you that Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands. The walk starts at the central station and ends at the Grote Markt. Check the route here.

There is also a green line that meanders, dances, lives and leads through Nijmegen. The Walk of the Town is a route of experiences through the city along cultural hotspots, historical and iconic structures with special views. The line leads you on a journey to the most special places in Nijmegen.

Go for a walk

Visit a museum in the afternoon

At Museum Het Valkhof you are thrown in Nijmegen's Roman past, but also take a look at contemporary art. Museum De Bastei will teach you all there is to know about nature and culture, while focussing on the river. And at the MuZIEum you'll experience what it is like to be blind or visually impaired.

But there is more in Nijmegen! For instance, visit the Van 't Lindenhoutmuseum, Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis, Infocentrum WO2 Nijmegen and Fietsmuseum Velorama.

Visit a museum

Enjoy the Burgundian cuisine

Fancy dining or an easy meal? World cuisine or a regional dish? A coffee bar, lunchroom or restaurant? The extensive culinary offer in Nijmegen offers a whole lot to choose from. Fortunately, you'll always find something to your taste. So pull up a chair to the table and enjoy the Burgundian hospitality!

Check out restaurants

Go out in the evening

Stand-up, theatre, cabaret, dance… Our stages have been used in the most creative manner for decades. A colourful collection of people put on spectacular shows on both the old as well as the new Nijmegen stages every week!

Experience performance art in Nijmegen

Nijmegen is city of music. It does not matter what style you are into; Nijmegen offers it all.

Discover the musical offer

Or go for drinks in a pub

Did you know that Nijmegen has the highest terrace density in the Netherlands? Plenty of space to have a drink out in the sun. When the evening falls, the city also offers many cosy pubs to grab some drinks for a few more hours. How about a beer menu at Café Samson or Camelot?

Or select a special wine at Wijncafé Pinot or Lebowski, along with some finger food. A final recommendation: order a beer brewed by a Nijmegen brewery, such as Oersoep or De Hemel.

Go to the pub

Stay overnight

Whether you intend to come to Nijmegen to shop for a whole weekend, just the two of you, or to have a family vacation, you will easily find a place to sleep to match your expectations. You don't just stay in Nijmegen, you ARE in Nijmegen. Book a unique, hand-painted Roman room or suite and experience an historical night. Every reason to stay for a day, a week, or even longer; plenty of places to stay!

Where to stay