Weekend trip

Nijmegen breathes culture, history and Burgundian pleasure! In the oldest city in the Netherlands, you will walk along historical locations, admire classical and contemporary art in museums, and experience various sorts of stage arts. In two days you'll get a very good impression of the atmosphere of the Waal city and its lively surroundings. Head out and discover for yourself!

10:00: start the day with a nice breakfast

In Nijmegen you can go out to eat breakfast as early as 9:30 or 10:00 at a lot of places – like FrescaGrand Café Moenen or Borboleta. Early birds can go to Tati NijmegenHotel Manna and Blonde Pater for breakfast.

Of courses, there are plenty of other places you can go if you’re looking for a delicious breakfast in Nijmegen.

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11:00: visit a museum in the morning

De Bastei is a museum that teaches you about nature and culture, focused on the Waal river. Find an old Roman wall there – or go to the muZIEum, where you experience what it’s like to be blind or visually impaired.

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13:00: enjoy lunch

Head to the Grote Markt and you’ll have plenty of choice! Head to Biessels, for example: a modern yet traditional Dutch pub, where you can opt to eat a quick lunch and then continue your day. No need to rush, of course – you can sit down and relax too!

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15:00: Discover the city with a walk

Nijmegen’s city center has so much beauty to offer that it cannot be seen in one day. A green line winds, dances, lives, and leads through Nijmegen. The Walk of the Town is an experiential route through the city past cultural hotspots, historical, and iconic buildings with special views. The line takes you on a journey to Nijmegen’s most special places.

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17:00: time for drinks

The best thing about spending a night in a city is that you can have an early drink. At Holt, you can order delicious beers, winces, and cocktails as well as well-stocked serving boards. The great thing is that you can put them together yourself: a customized serving board. How delicious and fun is that?

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21:00: go out in the evening

Cabaret, theater, dance… The stage has been used in creative ways for decades now. On old and new Nijmegen stages, a motley crew of people perform a wide range of dazzling shows for you every week!

Experience the Nijmegen stages

Discover Nijmegen’s hotels

Whether you fancy a weekend for just the two of you or a mini-holiday for the whole family, you’ll always find a place to sleep in Nijmegen. Choose a hotel close to the center or unwind just outside of it. Nijmegen has many fine hotels and we’re here to help you pick one.

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16:00: shopping in the oldest shopping street

The Lange Hezelstraat is one of the nicest and most beautiful streets in Nijmegen. But it’s more than just that: it’s also the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands. Go to Ieder Z’n Vak, where you can find 120 entrepreneurs’ stores under one roof. It’s filled with the finest craft products, from furniture to clothes and jewelry and from sustainable and handmade wooden sunglasses/watches to fairtrade chocolate from Nijmegen’s craftsmen!

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19:00: enjoy Burgundian cuisine

Chique dining or low-key dining? World cuisine or regional dishes? A coffee café, lunchroom or restaurant? There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Nijmegen’s extensive culinary offerings – so you’ll always find something that suits your tastes. Pull up a chair, sit down, and enjoy Nijmegen’s hospitality!

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11:00: end the weekend with some breakfast

De Fabriek is hidden behind big industrial gates in the Van Welderenstraat. You can go here from 10am for a tasty sandwich, salad or yoghurt filled with honey, muesli, and nut mix.

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