18 tips for a sustainable trip to Nijmegen

Making your city trip sustainable is key if you care a lot about the environment. There are plenty of locations in Nijmegen that’ll take this into account. We’ve highlighted a couple of them for you:

1. Guesthouse Vertoef

Guesthouse Vertoef is a hotel striving to be as sustainable as possible. Their roof is covered in 144 solar panels and heat pipes and their bikes are made from used frames and new fittings! They also use local products, organic coffee beans, and bamboo boards: you’ll sleep green here! Curious? Book a room here.

Read our interview with Vertoef here.

2. Make My Day

There are three Make My Day stores on the Stikke Hezelstraat: Women, Men, and Atelier. All stores offer a wide range of products; their Women store, for example, doesn’t just carry a wide range of clothing, but also fun Nijmegen-themed gifts, cards, and interior items. Their Men store carries clothing, accessories, gadgets, (used) vinyls, and books. Their Atelier store hosts all their jewellery and fashion accessories. Additionally, you can design your own necklace here, because they have meters of chain on a roll. Fun and sustainable!

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3. Tati

When you order a cappuccino at Tati, you’ll get one made with oat or soy milk. You might be apprehensive at first, but we promise you’ll like it! Maybe you’ll even order it again, even if it’s at another coffee shop. Tati’s vegan coffee can inspire you to make more plant-based choices. Curious which vegan dishes are on their menu? Walk in and take a seat in Tati during your city trip.

Read our interview with Robert Renzema, Tati’s owner, here.

4. 512 & Bleshyou

You’ll find two companies in once concept store on the Van Broeckhuysenstraat: 512 Nijmegen and Bleshyou 512’s store is focused on sustainable and fairtrade fashion. Jettie also has her own fashion label, produced in the Netherlands and designed by herself. Bleshyou sells not just new plants, but also second-hand ones.

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5. Zonnetrein

Zonnetrein Nijmegen is a clean, quiet, but above all accessible means of transport in the city of Nijmegen. A great option for your city trip, because you’ll discover the ancient city of Nijmegen in a whole new way! Drive past beautiful spots and various highlights, with minimal impact on the environment.

6. De Nieuwe Winkel

You won’t easily find De Nieuwe Winkel if you’re walking through the city – plus, reservations are required if you want to come by. However, if you’ve secured a spot at De Nieuwe Winkel, we guarantee you’ll go home feeling great. In addition to two Michelin stars, this restaurant also boasts a green star because of its performances in the area of sustainability. They take inspiration from Japanese cuisine and surround themselves with local initiatives, like the food forest in Groesbeek (tip 18). Curious? Sign up for their newsletter and reserve a spot in time.

Read our interview with Chef Emile of De Nieuwe Winkel here.

7. Rivierpark

If you’re standing on the Waalkade, you’ll have a great view of Nijmegen’s Riverpark. The rivers near Nijmegen have to deal with increasingly more water; that’s why the city dug a side channel next to the Waal river (called the Spiegelwaal). This digging and relocation of the dike created an elongated island in the Waal river. This island and the Spiegelwaal, also called Veur Lent, both protect Nijmegen from high water. Want to get some fresh air? Then this is a particularly beautiful place to bike or take a walk.

View Rivierpark’s hiking map here.

8. Veggie Galore

Vegan restaurants Veggie Galore will take you on a journey of discovery through Creole cuisine from all over the world! The kitchen also uses as many local and organic ingredients as possible; emphasis on as much as possible, because unfortunately not all typical Creole ingredients are available in the Netherlands.

9. Bhalu

At Bhalu, they’re very conscious of people as well as their impact on the planet. They’re real trendsetters when it comes to yoga and vegan food. Entrepreneur Christiaan Roest started Bhalu increase people’s awareness of their physical and mental health as well as the earth’s impermanence. Definitely a great stop if you’re into sustainable tourism. 

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10. Historische Tuinderij Warmoes

In Lent, on the Gritfdijk, you’ll find a unique historical gardener’s shop: De Warmoes. They grow fruit and vegetables here according to traditional methods as much as possible – with a wide variety of species. You can buy fresh veggies, fruits, and plants here, but you can also harvest them yourself. After strolling through the garden, you can take a seat in their cozy garden café – where they serve products from their own garden, of course.

Read the story of Tuinderij Warmoes here.

11. Het Duurzame Warenhuis

Het Duurzame Warenhuis (Burchtstraat 126) doesn’t have the Dutch word for sustainable (duurzaam) in their name for nothing. They only carry products that are in line with their core values: organic, local, fair trade, natural, animal-friendly, and zero waste. You can shop here without any worries.

12. De Biologische Speciaalzaak

Since 1985, you can find a wide selection of the best and tastiest natural foods here: fresh vegetables, fruits, breads, and dairy products. Plus, they also carry a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan products, eco-friendly cleaning products, and organic wine and delicacies. They try to source their products from the region as much as possible. Get your groceries and more at De Biologische Speciaalzaak.

13. Vintage shopping in Nijmegen

There are plenty of reasons to shop for vintage clothing: it’s more sustainable than buying new clothes, you’ll own something unique, and second-hand articles tend to be cheaper. Fortunately, there are a lot of second-hand stores in Nijmegen, so you can shop sustainably during your city trip. 

Check all vintage stores here.

14. De Knollentuin

Looking for one hundred percent organic and vegetarian bread? Visit De Knollentuin. They sell delicious yeast and sourdough breads, small breads, savoury and sweet pastries, and much more. All their products contain the best organic ingredients, and they grind all their g rains on millstones. Unlike non-organic bakers, they don’t add iodine to their bread. Still need extra iodine because you’re vegan or pregnant? They also offer seaweed bread. 

15. Crudo

Fancy ordering something online? At Crudo, you’ll find something sustainable. Everything here is 100% plant-based, organic, delicious, and pure. Whether your prefer pie, soup or delicious freshly baked bread: they have it all!

16. Restaurant Wally

Simple, honest, and above all delicious: Restaurant Wally. Enjoy their fully organic burgers! Are you vegetarian? They also have three veggie burgers to choose from. 

Read Restaurant Wally’s entrepreneurial story here.

17. Speelgoedwinkel de Regenboog

Visit de Regenboog if you’re looking for honest and sustainable toys. They have everything here… wooden toys, books, soft toys, the most creative craft kits, and so much more. If you’re looking to browse, go to de Regenboog!

18. Food forest Ketelbroek

It’s just outside of Nijmegen, but definitely worth a visit: Food forest Ketelbroek in Groesbeek. It’s a food forest where a productive ecosystem is focused on food production. Some of the things you can find here are olive willows, paw paws, sweet chestnuts, hazelnuts, hickory nuts, gooseberries, nashi pears, and medlars. Because of the high biodiversity, badgers, weasels and fireflies have been spotted here.

Please note: Food forest Ketelbroek can only be visited via an excursion or guided tour. Please contact them at kenniscentrumvoedselbossen@gmail.com 

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