6x great biking routes across Nijmegen

Across rolling hills, along vineyards and with views of rivers: while biking you can see so much beauty across Nijmegen. You don’t even have to travel abroad. Hop on your bike and enjoy nature, or travel along the water and see pieces of modern art that will jumpstart your imagination. We present you with the 6 greatest biking routes from Visit Nijmegen across Nijmegen!

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1. Liberation Route Nijmegen

In 1994 Nijmegen was liberated during ‘Market Garden’, also known as the Battle for Nijmegen. The goal was to retake the bridges across Nijmegen’s great rivers. In this endeavour the Waalburg, Spoorbrug, and the bridge near Arnhem were of great importance. Along this route, you’ll come across locations where you can remember the war and spots where stories are told about the Liberation.

Liberation Route


2. Biking the Vierdaagse-route

Crazy about the Dutch Vierdaagse? Then you’re in luck! Besides being able to walk these routes, they’re also amazing routes to bike across. Pick your favourite day and go cycle for a bit!


3. Giro Rijk van Nijmegen

In 2016 the famous Giro d’Italia, also known as the Tour of Italy, crossed Nijmegen. The whole city turned pink. And now? Now you can still cycle across this beautiful route! Visit Nijmegen has created a hub-route of part of the second stage Arnhem-Nijmegen. Up for a challenge? Get on your bike and discover this tough 52,5-kilometre route!

Giro Rijk van Nijmegen


4. E-bike route through Nijmegen

This e-bike route is lovely and long and takes you across 62,3 kilometres of Nijmegen’s beautiful landscape and surroundings. You’ll be cycling to the dikes and floodplains of the Ooijpolder and Millingerwaard, by going through Nijmegen-Oost. You will also cross cosy places to rest, like the Oortjeshekken.

E-bike route


5. Secret art of Nijmegen & Millingen aan de Rijn

On this route, you’ll stumble across some special art objects. These pieces tell tales of floods and how humans are connected to the river. The art also focuses on events during the war, such as the Waalmonument near the Oversteek. An educational route from Millingen aan de Rijn to Nijmegen.

Art route


6. Mountainbike routes

Are you a real athlete? Then get on your mountainbike! Don’t have the experience yet? No problem at all! The two mountainbike-rounds in Nijmegen are designed for both the beginner and the experienced mountainbiker to enjoy!

Mountainbike routes

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