Highlights of Nijmegen

Nijmegen has many beautiful sights, showing you the story of the oldest city in the Netherlands. Walk through Kronenburgerpark, through the oldest street of the Netherlands, or along the recently renovated Waalkade. Visit the Stevenskerk and Mariënburgkapel and be surprised by the beautiful architecture. You should not miss out on the sights below during a visit to Nijmegen!


Over centuries, the Stevenskerk and Nijmegen have become intertwined. Not only does the church tell the story of the city, but it has also been its symbol ever since it was reconstructed after WW2. A must-see for any true art lover!


The Mariënburgkapel can be found in the middle of Nijmegen centre and dates back to the late Middle Ages. The medieval monument is also known as 'House of Nijmegen History'. It is the starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about the history of the oldest city in the Netherlands. It is also the venue for regular expositions and lectures.


Kronenburgerpark, very popular among the people of Nijmegen. As soon as temperatures go up, the picnic sheets are spread out. The park is also the perfect place for a nice walk. Walk over the grass or follow the paved curvy paths along the river, the deer park, the cave with the waterfall, the old city wall, and the Kronenburgertoren.


Across from the Waalkade you can see Nijmegen's river park. More and more water flows through the rivers, which is why a secondary channel was dug alongside the Waal river (called the Spiegelwaal). As a result of the digging and moving of the dikes, an elongated isle in the Waal came into being.

The isle and Spiegelwaal protect us against high waters, also called 'Veur Lent'. Feel like having some fresh air? Then this is an awesome place for a walk or bike ride! When the sun comes out in full, the people from Nijmegen come here to lay down their towels and take a refreshing dive. This is also the place for water sports such as stand up paddling, canoeing, rowing, and so on.

Discover Rijk van Nijmegen


Take a walk along one of the most beautiful spots of Nijmegen: the Waalkade. Have seat on one of its terraces, visit a museum, take a gamble at Holland Casino, or relax on the greens. Everything is possible at the Waalkade!

A beautiful building that you should not miss at the Waalkade is the Besiendershuis, originating from the 16th century. It is named after 'de beziender', who collected the tolls from passing ships. Nowadays, the Besiendershuis has a cultural purpose and aims at stimulating and making visible a strong and open Nijmegen creative network. 


The Honigcomplex, located in the former Honig factory in Nijmegen, is now a breeding ground of cultural and craft businesses. A brewery, bicycle shop, various expositions, restaurants, concerts, and parties. It is all there! Interested to find out what businesses are found at this trendy location? See here for all the businesses at the Honigcomplex.

Cultuurspinnerij De Vasim

Cultuurspinnerij De Vasim is a breeding ground for art and culture. De Vasim is located next to city bridge De Oversteek in the factory hall of former rayon spinning mill NYMA. It now serves as a location containing various studios, workshops, offices and storage rooms for artists and cultural organisations. There are also often concerts, performances and festivals! Check their agenda for upcoming events.

Lange Hezelstraat

The Lange Hezelstraat is the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands. Despite the WW2 bombing, many medieval and early-contemporary buildings in the street survived. As a result, you can see the different architectural styles originating from various centuries. One of the most fun shopping streets in Nijmegen with craft shops and specialty shops.

St. Nicolaaskapel

Walk through Valkhofpark to the St. Nicolaaskapel, also called the Valkhofkapel. The chapel was built around the year 1000. The location is mainly used for weddings, exhibits, small concerts and funerals. Near the chapel, there is a nice viewpoint over the Waal river, Waal bridge, Nevengeul and Waalkade. A view that will complete your day!

Walk along the sights

It squirms, it dances, it lives, and it leads. The Walk of the Town is an adventure route throughout the city, passing by cultural hotspots, historical and iconic buildings with marvelous views. It takes you on a journey to the most exciting places of Nijmegen.

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