3x parks in Nijmegen’s city centre

Did you know that in addition to shopping, eating, and soaking up art and culture, you can also relax in one of the beautiful city parks in Nijmegen’s city centre? Leave the hustle and bustle behind and relax in Kronenburgerpark, the Valkhofpark or the Hunnerpark.

1. Kronenburgerpark 

Made famous by a Frank Boeijen song, which shares the park’s name as its title, the Kronenburgerpark is very popular among the citizens of Nijmegen. As soon as the sun comes out, people spread out their picnic blankets and sportsmen will show off their athleticism during boot camp sessions or by running laps. The park’s also great for a lovely stroll: walk through the grass or over the asphalted winding paths past the pond, the deer park, the cave with a waterfall, the old city wall, and the Kronenburger tower.

Animals, music, and sports

In addition to all that greenery, the park is home to a variety of animals. From ducks bobbing around in the pond, occasionally curious about your meal, to the deer in the animal meadow. The Friends of Kronenburgerpark Foundation looks after the welfare of the animals. It also regularly hosts events, ranging from music to sporting events.

2. Valkhofpark

Nijmegen wouldn’t be Nijmegen without its height differences, which can be seen in both the Kronenburgerpark and the Valkhofpark. The Valkhofpark is located on the other side of the city centre on a hill by the Waal river. This park is the oldest park in Nijmegen and is worth a visit for that alone. The Valkhofpark is located next to the Valkhof Museum, where a lot of history can be found.

St. Nicolaaskapel

Walk up 80 steps from the Waalkade or walk from the Burchtstraat straight into the park, and you can view the St. Nicolaaskapel. The chapel is open from April 1st to the last weekend in October between 11am and 5pm. This small chapel hosts weddings, small concerts, exhibitions, and funerals: all special events in a beautiful location.

3. Hunnerpark

Right next to the Valkhofpark is the Hunnerpark: if you walk a little further, you can visit both parks at once! Although this park is known for its parties, especially during larger events in Nijmegen, you can take a stroll and look around in peace on non-public holidays. Part of the city wall is still intact here, and there’s a statue of St. Petrus Canisius, a citizen from Nijmegen who was canonised in 1925. Feeling peckish during your walk? Then it’s easy to return to the city centre to grab a bite to eat – but, at the edge of the park, you can also find kiosk ‘t Hunnerpark, housed in a converted tram guard house.

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