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Did you know that Nijmegen has the highest terrace density in the Netherlands? Plenty of space to have a drink out in the sun. When the evening falls, the city also offers many cosy pubs to grab some drinks for a few more hours. How about a beer menu at Café Samson or Camelot? Or select a special wine at Wijncafé Pinot or Lebowski, along with some finger food. A final recommendation: order a beer brewed by a Nijmegen brewery, such as Oersoep or De Hemel.

Oldest pub in Nijmegen

Imagine yourself in the Middle Ages and visit In de Blaauwe Hand, the oldest pub in Nijmegen. This pub is located in one of the oldest buildings of the city: the former Lakenhal, built around 1320. This used to be a market, at which, among other things, cloth was traded that was painted in various colours on the spot. The dark blue colouring dye indigo was most commonly used to that purpose. The hands of cloth painters turned blue because of their trade - hence the name of the pub!

Beer tastings or wine tastings

Become acquainted with Nijmegen's special beers and take a tour at Oersoep. This should of course be concluded with a beer tasting at Stoom beer & food. Restaurant de Hemel offers a tasting of city brewery de Hemel. Café van Ouds and 't Zottelemmeke also offer beer tastings. Should you prefer wine over beer? Then the places to be are Pinot, Wijn bij Arentz, or Lebowski.

Something to eat first?

Start your night out on a full stomach! Nijmegen offers more than enough restaurants: fast or chic, biological or vegetarian, from the wok or of the grill… Find your choice of restaurant here.

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Are you looking for more information on food and drink? Where to get the best lunch, the most extensive breakfast, or the most fun place for a high tea? Find out the complete range of our catering industry here.

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