Things to do

Nijmegen cannot be captured in a single description. The city is immensely diverse and offers a range of possible activities. Because we do not simply want to throw you in the deep end, we already provide a first impression below. Allow its versatility to surprise you!

Nijmegen is a city dating back to Roman times, a place where Charlemagne (Charles the Great) built a palace, and home to the renowned annual Four Days Marches event attracting thousands of people from all over the world. We describe Nijmegen as ‘an old city with a young vibe’, because even though the city was first founded on the banks of the River Waal more than two thousand years ago (called Noviomagus back then), it is still full of life today. Have fun exploring the city!

Nijmegen highlights

Nijmegen has many beautiful sights, that tell you the story of the oldest city in the Netherlands. Walk through Kronenburgerpark, the oldest street of the Netherlands, or along the recently renovated Waalkade. Visit the Stevenskerk and Mariënburgkapel and be surprised by the beautiful architecture.