Student associations in Nijmegen

Do you want to get to know people quickly? Then join a student union. In Nijmegen, you have plenty of choice! There are study and sports associations, associations where conviviality is paramount or associations that combine perfectly with your religion. One thing is certain... They will make sure you have a great time as a student.

In for a good time?

A student union is not focused on sports, religion or study, but on enjoying your time together. This is where you party, network and work on your own development. Would you like to join such a student union? Then take a look at STURADKarpe NoktemAEGEE-NijmegenN.S.V. Ovum Novum and N.S.V. Carolus Magnus.

Want to learn more about your studies?

In Nijmegen you can follow a lot of studies (college and university) and therefore there are also a lot of study associations. Study associations are all about having a good time combined with study related activities. Think about lectures, guest speakers and study trips, but drinks and parties are not lacking either. If you have chosen a study programme, you should immediately check whether there is a study association.

Here is a selection of the study associations: ISMUS for political science, SPiN for psychology, RUIS for communication, Mundus for geography, planning and environment, NOPFY for paramedical studies and Leonardo da Vinci for natural sciences.

Do you like sports?

There are also clubs that focus on sports. Ideal if you don't like to sit still, but like rowing, sailing over water or dancing. Of course, you need to keep fit when you go to university. This way you kill two birds with one stone: you meet new people and you practice a fun sport.

Which sport do you want to practise? Sailing, rowing, athletics, softball and baseball, dancing, cycling, horse riding, surfing, gliding, swimming or water polo?

Even more associations

There are even more associations you can join as a student. For example, you can combine religion with your studies at Ichthus and VGSN. Or join a student choir or orchestra. Do you like debating? Start with the Trivium debating society. So search the internet and inform yourself at school to find the association that suits you best!

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