Cinema & film

Nijmegen is a real film city! The city has several cinemas where the latest blockbusters and best arthouse films are screened. And not only that, several film festivals and film events are organised throughout the year! Grab some popcorn and sit down for it.

Cinemas in Nijmegen

You can of course see the very latest blockbusters in Pathé Nijmegen and the two VUE cinemas. The VUE Plein 1944 is the oldest running cinema in Nijmegen and is located on Plein 1944, in the heart of the city centre. The cinema shows 2D and 3D films in two theaters, with a total number of 560 seats. The VUE Walstraat is currently being renovated and will open in 2021 with eight high-end rooms, new sound, better images and a brand-new foyer. The surface of the cinema will be approximately 3 times larger as before.

Lovers of art-house films will get their money's worth in LUX. LUX is the largest art-house in the Netherlands with daily film, theater, dance and music performances, debates, festivals and a lovely café and restaurant. Arthouse LUX offers an independent and liberal stage in Nijmegen for new developments in art, culture and media.

Film festivals in Nijmegen

Film lovers have plenty to discover in Nijmegen! The Go Short short film festival takes place annually in April. In 10 days you can see the best of what short films have to offer here.

Do you prefer documentaries? Then you are at the right place at the InScience science film festival. In November, you can see, learn and experience everything about the most recent and groundbreaking science here for five days.