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12x places to drink cocktails in Nijmegen

Make an evening of drinks even more special with delicious cocktails! The nice thing about cocktails is that there are enough kinds for everyone – and if you’re the designated driver, you can just order a mocktail. Where’s the best place to drink cocktails in Nijmegen? We’ll help you out in this article!

1. Biessels Café 

Biessels Café is the place to be when it comes to cocktail: they have a special cocktail menu with all the flavours you can think of. Aside from the classics, they also have cocktails you may not have tried before, like the Elderflower Vodka Lemon or the Rosy Glow. Cheers!

2. Café Van Buren

From Sex on the Beach to Purple Rain, Café Van Buren has all the cocktails you can think of. Order some tasty snacks with your cocktails, and your evening will be complete.

3. De Derde Kamer

Order up! De Derde kamer has delicious cocktails – including frozen ones! Fancy a classic mojito? Or do you prefer the frozen Piña Colada? If you’d rather have a mocktail, you can choose between a Crodino, Fruity Lemonade or a Mojito.

4. Café de Opera

Café de Opera will make your evening that much better! Here you can drink delicious cocktails like a Pink Gin & Tonic, a Limoncello Spritz and a Cuba Libre. Order them together with a nice dinner or some appetizers – it’ll make them taste even better.

5. Stadscafé Jan

Dance the night away at Stadscafé Jan on the Grote Markt. On their menu you’ll find cocktails like a Disaronno Sour, a Mojito, and a non-alcoholic Crodino on the rocks. Prefer a Gin & Tonic? No worries! They have plenty of options to choose from.

6. Hotel Blue Nijmegen

Juliette’s Blue Bar in Hotel Blue Nijmegen has the biggest cocktail menu you’ll ever see. From fresh and full to sweet and sour, from strong to alcohol-free: you can find it all at Juliette’s Blue Bar. Let yourself be surprised! Order a Gin & Juice by Snoop Dogg… Who knows, this might become your favourite cocktail!

7. Toon Nijmegen

Enjoy an arrangement of flavours at Toon Nijmegen. Have you ever tried the Toons Piña Colada? It’s a delicious cocktail with pineapple, coconut, cream, and lime. Enjoy! Would you prefer a mocktail? Then you can order the Toons Passion with passion fruit, lychee, vanilla, lime, and mint.

8. Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent

Join us at Lola’s Bar in the Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent and enjoy cocktails all evening. Are you a Mojito fan? Then this is the place to be! Their Mojitos are also available in a non-alcoholic variant. There are also several variations of Gin & Tonic on the menu.

9. La Cubanita Nijmegen

You can enjoy more than just unlimited tapas at La Cubanita Nijmegen – they also carry tasty cocktails. Moreover, every cocktail only costs €5.00, so they’re super affordable! Who are you taking to La Cubanita?

10. Don Pablo

Tequila sunrise, white Russian or the Amazing Don Pablo... there’s a lot to choose from at the Don Pablo restaurant! Fortunately, you can enjoy tapas while choosing. Which cocktail are you choosing the next round?

11. Proeflokaal Bregje

Proeflokaal Bregje Nijmegen asks just €5.00 for their cocktails. Next to an inexpensive three course menu, they carry five different cocktails; with their prices, you won’t go broke while enjoying your evening out. What a plus!

12. Freddy's Beerkitchen

Freddy’s Beerkitchen has extraordinary cocktails with surprising flavours. The Dark ‘n stormy, for example, is a cocktail with dark rum and ginger beer, which goes well with one of Freddy’s delicious burgers.

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