10 Instagram hotspots in Nijmegen

The old city of Nijmegen is full of magnificent places to take beautiful pictures – a lot of which you can find on Instagram. Take a look at the hashtag #nijmegen or at @into_nijmegen. Do you feel like going out yourself and taking great pictures for Instagram? Read our tips:

1. Stevenskerk

The Stevenskerk is a special location where you can take great Instagram photos. This is the oldest and largest church in Nijmegen, with a cool view and great stairs to pose on. The Stevenskerk is right in the centre of Nijmegen, ideal if you are coming from another city. Also nearby is the Grote Markt, where you can treat yourself to a nice lunch – after you have shot the perfect photo.

2. St. Stevenskerkhof

The St. Stevenskerkhof is a square surrounding the Stevenskerk in the Benedenstad neighbourhood. There are cozy homes and cute little stores here, and those stores make for a really pretty picture.

3. Lindenberghaven

Lindenberghaven is a transient port and is located on the Waal River near the Waal Bridge. The harbour provides a colourful background with its beautiful boats. In the summer there are lights and Opoe Sientje's Kaaij. At night, you can take atmospheric photos here – a great addition to your Story! Stand on the Waal bridge and take a picture from there, it’ll look great! It’s close to the Besiendershuis and the Ooijpolder, too, which we’ve highlighted below. That way you quickly grab pictures of several locations at once!

4. The Besiendershuis

The Besiendershuis is a 16th-century building with a special story. The house has overlooked the Waal river for almost 500 years and has survived a lot: it’s definitely worth stopping by here for a photo. This house is said to be haunted, so there’s a grim side to it. But ghost enthusiasts might just think that’s a pro.

5. Ooijpolder

Is your Instagram full of nature photos? The Ooijpolder is a great place to take some more of those! It covers over 2,000 hectares, so there are plenty of options. You can take your picture on the beach or on the walking paths along the flowers. To get here you walk across a footbridge: the Ooypoort.

6. Vasim

Vasim is the graffiti hotspot in Nijmegen where you can take awesome pictures. The Vasim is a former factory building and is located on the Winselingseweg. Nowadays it functions as a workshop for artists and cultural entrepreneurs. Tip: the Honig complex is close to the Vasim, and you can take some great industrial photos there.

7. Spiegelwaal

The Spiegelwaal is a side channel the Waal River, spanning 4 kilometres, constructed between 2013 and 2015. There are several bridges that make for great photo ops, like the extended Waalbrug, the Oversteek, the traffic bridge Lent – Stadseiland and the foot and bicycle bridge Lent – Stadseiland. Don't feel like walking? You also have bicycle routes here – it’ll save you several kilometres of walking.

8. Kronenburgerpark

Kronenburgerpark is a park in the centre of Nijmegen, opened in 1882. In the park there are three old watchtowers: De Kruittoren, St. Jacobstoren and De Roomse Voet. Take a picture by the water, on the St. Jacobstoren or in the grass. One thing is certain: you will get a beautiful Instagram photo.

9. Hunnerpark

The Hunnerpark is a park in the Hunnerberg district, right on the edge of Nijmegen's city centre. The park was created between 1876 and 1884 when Nijmegen’s city walls were demolished. It’s located near the Waal bridge and near the Lindenberg harbour. There’s a footbridge in the Hunnerpark, which makes for a fairytale-esque picture – or stand by the flowers if you have a colourful feed.

10. Nijmegen skyline

Perhaps one of the most recognizable pictures of Nijmegen: its skyline. The Waal river makes this incredibly beautiful picture even more special. The Stevenskerk is easily recognizable from a distance, and you can also take a picture of the Waal bridge. At night, the skyline is even more atmospheric: you’ll see all the lights from the city reflected on the water. This photo op can’t be missed in your photo collection of Nijmegen. So grab your camera or mobile phone and go out!

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