10 fun things to do in Nijmegen when it’s raining

When the sun decides to hide behind the clouds and it starts raining cats and dogs, you’ll soon get tired of sitting inside. Your kids are flying up the walls and your TV is working overtime. Time to go out and do something! Even when the weather is awful, there are fun things to do in Nijmegen. Read our tips here.

1. Visit museums in Nijmegen

A lot of museums have opened their doors again, and have a lot of fun activities for kids. In the MuZIEum, you can experience what it’s like to be blind or visually impaired. De Bastei tells the story of the Waal river and the city of Nijmegen. Combining fun and learning: that’s what it’s all about. Note that you have to book in advance!

2. Watch a movie in the cinema

There’s no shortage of cinemas in Nijmegen. If you’re looking for fun, exciting or beautiful movies, visit Pathé, Vue or LUX. Get carried away watching the latest movies and forget the world (and rain) around you for a moment.

3. Watch a show

Go to a performance at Lindenberg or Concertgebouw de Vereeniging. You can also watch a performance by Theatergroep Kwatta or De Vereeniging at home on the couch.

4. Online shopping at Nijmegen’s entrepreneurs

You obviously don’t want to go out shopping when it’s raining, and chances are you’ve already visited the well-known online stores or and aren’t a fan of large chains. Fortunately, there are enough online web shops of Nijmegen’s entrepreneurs to still be able to shop. This way you’ll be able to support local entrepreneur and you don’t have to leave the house!

5. Shopping in Dukenburg

Feel like shopping, but it’s raining outside? Or do you just want to go to one place where you can find everything you like? Visit shopping mall winkelcentrum Dukenburg. From candy to household items, from supermarket to authentic pies from Limburg, from shopping for clothes to picking out a new phone: you’ll find it all in Dukenburg. Parking? Just leave your car beneath the mall, because the first 2 hours are free.

6. Forget the world around you

Go to EnjoyVR to literally forget the world around you. Step into a completely different world thanks to the Virtual Reality glasses. How about going on a safari, climbing Mount Everest or walking on a plank, 160 meters high?

7. Do something active indoors

At LaserQuest, you can live it up with laser guns. In the dark mysterious arena, you can play a strategic, but mostly fun game. Prefer a little less action and adrenaline? Then challenge each other on their glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course. Fancy a day of jumping and doing tricks on a trampoline instead? Visit Jumpsquare!

9. Viewing art

Nijmegen is a true city of culture and has a lot of exhibition spaces, art stages, and galleries – you’re guaranteed to find a place where you can experience art. Discover the latest exhibitions and get inspired. These locations are not to be missed!

10. Relax

What could be better than a day of relaxation? Especially when the weather outside is awful! After a day at Sauna & Beauty de Thermen Nijmegen or at Sanadome Hotel & Spa Nijmegen, you can walk out feeling zen.

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