8x facts about Nijmegen as a student city

There is no denying it: Nijmegen is a beautiful city. Students have the time of their lives here. Here are some facts about Nijmegen, the student city:

1. The oldest city in the Netherlands

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands! Because of its favourable location, Nijmegen was an important base of operations for the Roman army in the first century. Nijmegen's long history means there is a lot to discover and experience in the city.

2. Largest population in Gelderland

With 177,321 inhabitants, Nijmegen has the largest population in Gelderland.

3. Mariken van Nimwegen

The most famous person in the history of Nijmegen is Mariken van Nimwegen: she even has a statue on the Grote Markt. Read more about Mariken van Nimwegen here.

4. A real university city!

In 1923, a Roman Catholic University opened in Nijmegen. There are currently over 43,000 students in Nijmegen, over 20,000 of whom live in the city. Nijmegen is a real university city!

5. The best student city in the Netherlands

Nijmegen is the second best enjoyable student city according to students in the National Student Survey in 2016. A great result! But be honest: Nijmegen really belongs in first place, doesn't it?

6. The best student associations

Nijmegen is bursting at the seams with student associations! Enjoy being a student and make friends for life at these associations by signing up for, for example, a student union or a sports club.

7. The highest density of pavement cafés

Nijmegen has the highest density of pavement cafés in the Netherlands. Plenty of options if you’re looking to have lunch, dinner or drinks! These are the best pavement cafés in Nijmegen.

8. The Four Day Marches festivities

Did you know that the total number of visitors to the Nijmegen Four Days Festivities was 1.615 million in 2018? That was a record amount! Will you come next time to help set a new one?

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