17x student associations in Nijmegen

Making friends, building a network, being allowed to go to private parties... It's all part of joining a student association. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to join a student association, ranging from the people to your own studies – a large network of friends increases your chances of finding a student room, for example! But which one should you join? There are a lot of associations in Nijmegen, so we’ve put together a list!


Student association STURAD is aimed at all students of the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem and Nijmegen. This wasn’t always been the case, because the association used to focus on the school of finance, and to this day most of the members are doing a finance-related programme. STURAD was founded to look after students’ interests and it’s a very social and friendly organization. Are you going to your first year? They organise an introductory camp that is all about having fun together. Joining STURAD will help you start your studies period with a new group of friends!

2. NSV Ovum Novum

The Nijmegen Student Association Ovum Novum has over 600 members was founded in 1990. At the start of the year Ovum Novum lets you choose a year club of around 10 people. This club is the building block of your membership and you can go to parties together in the society 'de Kelder' at the St. Canisiussingel. Ovum Novum organises lots of cool activities (like renting a party boat), the Croquet & Croquettes tournament and the Beach volleyball tournament and trips abroad.

3. AEGEE-Nijmegen

AEGEE has a network of 13,000 members spread over 200 student cities in 40 European countries. Joining AEGEE means you can always participate in activities all over Europe. That sounds great, right? Having fun is very important to them, so they organise fun activities every week: think of things like laser tag, painting, and eating together. Plus, there’s a drink in Villa van Schaeck every week!

4. Carolus Magnus

With over twenty houses, seventeen fraternities, dozens of committees and over 500 members, you don't have to worry about not having a good time here! During your membership you can add to your resume by gaining board experience and coming into contact with companies, but it’s also an association where you can find friends for life. The cherry on top is that Carolus Magnus organises a lot of activities like parties, trips to European cities, debates, skiing holidays, sailing weekends, and much more!

5. Nijmeegse Studentvereniging de Navigators (NSN)

NSN is a Christian student association with about 200 members and the place to be if you want to deepen your faith, meet other Christians, and build friendships. Every Wednesday evening there’s a general association meeting at Villa van Schaek that ends with a drink. Plus, there are parties and other fun activities throughout the year. You’ll be placed in your own group at the start of the year, where you will discuss a Christian theme or biblical subject.

6. Christelijke studentenvereniging Nijmegen VGSN-TQ

The VGSN is a versatile Christian student association. Besides having fun and relaxing, you can learn a lot and make a lot of friends here. They organise activities every Thursday, spread across three different pillars: faith, science and sociability. In addition, they host a meeting where you learn more about God together with others on Tuesday once every two weeks.

7. Katholieke Studenten Nijmegen (KSN)

KSN is a Catholic student association for everyone between the ages of 18 and 30. The association wants to help its members and other interested parties to live and deepen the Catholic faith by organising interesting, pleasant, and inspiring activities. KSN's activities focus on three pillars: encounter and friendship, deepening and formation, and celebration and mission.

8. Karpe Noktem

Karpe Noktem brings college and university students together in an informal setting. Its mission is to be an association for students who aren’t interested in traditional student associations; for example, Karpe Noktem has no introduction or hazing period. That's great if you're not into that! Members shape the association themselves: a lot of activities are organised by active members. This way everyone stays involved and there’s always something you’ll enjoy!

9. Moslimstudentenvereniging Nijmegen (MSV)

MSV Nijmegen was born out of the need for representation of Muslim students at the Radboud University and the University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen. It’s a meeting place for students, where they can feel at home and develop their sense of community. MSV organises various events, courses and activities for Muslim students in Nijmegen. These activities are very diverse: educational, sociable, sportive and cultural activities. Every year, for example, they host charity activities for humanitarian disasters and the disadvantaged in society.

10. Dito

Dito is an association for LGBT+ young people aged between 18 and 28. Besides all the activities you can expect from a student association, they also do a lot in the civic field. Fun fact: Dito has been around since 1985, making it the oldest LGBT+ student association in the Netherlands! If you want to have fun, this is the place to be. They organise activities like drinks, game nights, pub crawls, volunteer weekends, trips, and MilQ. The MilQ committee organises a gay-minded party in Nijmegen 7 times a year. If you’re a member of Dito you’ll always have someone to talk to, because their introduction and Jong&out groups are ready to help you if you have a problem.

11. Onafhankelijk Damesdispuut Acapulco going Locos

Acapulco going Locos is a women’s fraternity with 30 members who all have one thing in common: the "loco factor." They celebrate life together, study together, and make memories and friendships for life. They have a calendar filled with 21 dinners, fraternity weekends, date dinners, cantuses, family days and a lot more! You can find them every Wednesday in café Tweekeerbellen.

12. Independent women’s fraternity Moira

This is the association for making memories and partying until the wee hours of the morning. There’s a big party every Wednesday – but that's not all: they organise a lot of activities like sailing, canoeing, and laser gaming. You're bound to have fun at Moira! Its members are a close-knit group, supporting each other through thick and thin. If you become a member of Moira, you'll have a new group of friends in no time.

13. Dispuut Selene

You can find Dispuut Selene in Bar2 every Wednesday, chatting and dancing the night away! Besides that, they often have drinks together with other fraternities, go to tournaments and other parties, and go have a fraternity weekend once a year. They like to play sports that together, but they can also be found spending an evening in front of the TV. At Dispuut Selene you’ll join a close-knit group of girls who like to have fun, do fun activities, and spend long evenings in Bar2.

14. Los Hombres Locos

Los Hombres Locos, or The Mad Men, is an independent fraternity, who live up to their name. Equality and diversity of members is central to this association and are characteristics of the "loco spirit." Los Hombros Locos regularly go out and visit museums, breweries, and wine tastings. Their favourite pub is TweeKeerBellen, which is where you can find them on Wednesdays.

15. Dispuut Omnitores Amicus

Omnitores Amicus is the first men's sorority of study association Tri Movere in Nijmegen, focused on bringing people together in friendship. You can find them in Café van Rijn every week, but they do more than drink! Omnitores is active at tournaments, introductions, parties and internal activities. Enjoying your student life to the fullest starts at Omnitorus!

16. Nijmeegs Studentenkoor Alphons Diepenbrock (NSKAD)

The NSKAD is the student association for students who like to sing. Twice a year they host a concert where they sing a variety of works from modern experiments to classical masterpieces. In addition, the NSKAD gives smaller performances. Friendship is just as important as music here: they have drinks every week after the rehearsals at café De Kluizenaar. Students, even if they’re not from Nijmegen, are always welcome here!

17. Studenten Bigband Nijmegen

Have you always wanted to be in a band? Join Student Big Band Nijmegen! This 22-piece band rehearses every Monday, but they also gather for fun activities like formal dances, student parties, festivals, and official events of, among others, the Radboud University. They’ve performed at the intro festival of the Radboud University for the past two years as well as at Music Meeting – last year, they even played at the Nest festival in the Goffertpark.

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