7x tips for finding a student room

Finding a student room isn’t always easy, so we can understand that you might not know where to start. Don't worry, we'll give you a hand! Here are our tips for finding a student room:

1. Become a member of a Facebook group

There are various Facebook groups with regular posts about vacant student rooms. If you become a member of these groups, you’ll get the messages on your timeline, allowing you to search for yourself. For example, the “Kamersite, voor het gratis posten en reageren op kamers in Nijmegen” and “Woonruimte aangeboden/gezocht in Nijmegen” groups allow you to easily (and for free) approach people with a private message. This is great if you don't want to pay for a room website. Who knows, you might even be invited for a viewing if you send them a message. These viewing are usually attended by multiple students, but with a bit of luck, you’ll be picked to live there. Fingers crossed!

2. Browse relevant websites

There are a couple of websites set up especially for renting student rooms; however, a lot of them charge a fee. A few examples of these websites are:

- www.sshn.nl
- www.kamernet.nl
- www.huurzone.nl
- www.studentenwoningweb.nl
- www.kbsvastgoedbeheer.nl

You could also choose to live in a room rented out by an anti-squatting organization. Before you choose an anti-squatting room though, find out about the advantages, disadvantages, requirements, and conditions, of anti-squat living. Some examples of websites are: Villex, Interveste and Kamernet.

3. Networking, networking, and even more networking!

Most students find student accommodation through word of mouth, so try asking around in your own network. Do your friends know someone in Nijmegen? Or do you know someone who lives in the city? If you don’t know anyone from the city, the introduction week might be a good opportunity to network and ask around about a room. There’s a big chance you’ll meet (fellow) students who are already living in Nijmegen, and they might know a spot.

4. Post on your own social media accounts

Using your own social media accounts to find a room is also a viable option. You could post a message on Facebook or an Instagram story with a short explanation of what you are looking for. Others can share this message or respond to it, and who knows, you might just find your student room!

5. Subletting a student room

Can't find a room for an indefinite period? You can also sublet a student room. A lot of students who are doing an internship abroad, for example, sublet their room temporarily. This way, you have a student room for a while, giving you time do some networking. This way you’ll have a cosy accommodation, and more time to find a student room, and less hassle when it comes to viewings.

6. Join a student association

A student association can help you find a student room: most of them own student houses. Maybe they have a place for you! Moreover, you can get to know new students at a student association and expand your network, which will make it easier to find a room.

7. Extra tip: combine some of our previous tips!

Finding a student room isn’t easy. Do you want to increase your chances? Try combining several of these tips. Ask around, post on social media, and join Facebook groups and room websites. It can take a while before you find a student room, so start in time!

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