9x spots to drink until the early hours in Nijmegen

Spending your holiday in Nijmegen? That means enjoying drinks until the wee hours of the morning. Open your bottle of bubbly, because we’re sharing the hottest summer spots with you. Enjoy!

1. Strandbar Stek

Looking for a nice place to have a drink? Strandbar Stek, the brand new beach bar next to the Waal, is open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. Experience a real beach with a beautiful view. There are a lot of tasty goodies on the menu: from a mojito cocktail to the beer from Nijmegen Brug 1936 by Kronenburger.

2. De Achtertuin

Large concrete blocks embrace the bamboo and wooden framework of de Achtertuin. It’s a real break from the city, a nice spot on the Vasim terrain where you can have fun. They serve everything from specialty beers and homemade pizza from a stone oven to kimchi sandwiches. Open from Wednesday to Sunday until midnight.

3. Hubert

Hubert is a cultural breeding ground nestled on a vacant industrial estate in the middle of the Hazenkamp district. Open Wednesday to Sunday, you’re welcome to come over and have a drink until midnight.

4. Ultimo

Ultimo: a restaurant and wine bar without pretensions, just delicious food with fantastic wines. Order their delicious homemade charcuterie, made passionately by the owner, Pepijn. Ultimo is open Wednesday to Monday until 10pm.

5. Grand Café Moenen

Since 2007, Grand Café Moenen has been the centre of the hospitality industry on the Grote Markt in Nijmegen. Choose your favourite wine in various tasting in which the flavours of the wines and bites match each other perfectly – but you can also just choose from a wide range of specialty beer. Open every day until 10pm, and open Wednesday until midnight.

6. Bistrobar Bankoh

Asian food with a twist, are you coming along on this trip? No expensive tickets, transferring to Dubai International or unnecessary jet lags: Bistrobar Bankoh is located in Nijmegen, at the head of the newly built Handelskade, with a view of the Waal and the old harbour. Open every day of the week until 10pm. Cheers!

7. Brass

You’ll find Brass in the middle of a brand new residential area and yet surrounded by nature, by the water, between the reeds. Brass opened its doors to the public at the beginning of October 2020. No-nonsense cosiness with a classy cocktail in your hands: that’s what Brass is about. Open Wednesday to Sunday until 10pm.

8. Why Not

Why Not, open Tuesday to Sunday until 10pm. Order an extra large cocktail platter and choose one of their festive drinks. Cheers!

9. Hotel Credible

You don’t just stay in Hotel Credible, you have a presence there – and if you’re there, chances are you’ll stay, because you’re busy talking, watching, rummaging, relaxing, and drinking. Enjoy the warm atmosphere, people, and music. Hotel Credible is open every day until midnight.

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