5x best picnic spots near campus

Summer is coming to an end, but if you have a waterproof picnic blanket, you won’t have to stop picnicking! That is why we have made a list of the nicest places to have a picnic on and around campus: great if you want to have lunch outside, if you have some spare time until your next lecture or if you just feel like having a picnic. Because let's be honest – we all do that from time to time!

1. In front of the Berchmanianum monastery

Fortunately, you don’t have to go far for a nice picnic spot: you can drop your blanket in front of the Berchmanianum. This former monastery boasts a sprawling lawn next to a pond, where groups of students and staff regularly drop by. Complete with a beautiful view of the former monastery and sheltered by greenery, this spot is one of our favourites!

The Berchmanianum convent is located at Houtlaan 4. Walk south around the Erasmus building and cross the small park behind it. You  can find this picnic spot on the Heyendaalseweg (opposite the sports fields).

2. Park Brakkestein

A stone's throw from the campus, you can find Park Brakkenstein, located behind the sports fields of the Radboud Sports Centre. Whether you’re a first-year student or have been at the university for years, this gem is a must in your picnic repertoire.

Head south on Heyendaalseweg, starting at the Erasmus building. Turn left twice after which you will find Park Brakkenstein on your right. Enjoy!

3. Julianapark

You might know of this one already, but the Julianapark is an often overlooked picnic spot. It shouldn’t be! As one of the first parks you come across when you travel from the campus to the city, you can get here after just 6 minutes cycling. And what could be better after a long day than sitting down in a nice park with some drinks and snacks? Not bad for a meeting outside, if we do say so ourselves.

Head north on Heyendaalseweg, starting at the Erasmus building. After about 6 minutes you can find the Julianapark on your left. Can't miss it! Oh and another perk of this location: you can easily park your car here.

4. Thiemepark

If you’re cycling towards the city centre on the Sint Annastraat, this hidden gem is one of the first things you’ll see. Concealed between houses of the Bottendaal district (behind the Campusbaan), you can find the Thiemeloods with the Thiemepark right next to it. This enclosed park is often wonderfully quiet and great for enjoying the sunshine and a good book. Good to know: the park boasts an evening pop-up bar where you can buy refreshments!

Head north on Sint Annastraat until you see Café St. Anneke. Cross the road here and turn into the Van Goorstraat. Follow this road until you see Thiemepark approaching.

5. The Rosarium in the Goffertpark

You probably know of the Goffertpark, but have you ever been to its rose garden? This hidden spot is located near the Goffertbad and is an oasis of green and peace in the middle of this huge park. Feast your eyes while sitting on one of the many benches or bring your own picnic blanket. Your choice!

Head west on the Slotemaker de Bruineweg, starting at the Grotius building. Keep going until you see the Siertuin on your left. Park your car or drop your bike here and walk through the park until you reach the Rosarium.

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