10x best international supermarkets in Nijmegen

In Nijmegen, you can find a wide range of international products in supermarkets. Think Turkish, Greek, Slavic, Oriental, Surinamese specialities... and so on. We have listed 10 of these supermarkets for you. Enjoy your meal! Or rather: Afiyet Olsun? καλή όρεξη?

1. Dünya Internationale Supermarkt

At Dünya Internationale Supermarkt on Couwenbergstraat, you can find a wide range of international products. The supermarket gets reviews like “they really have the best baklava here,” “you get value for your money,” and “perfect supermarket for all things foreign.”

2. Lale Market

Visit Lale Market on the Daalseweg for Turkish and Greek specialities – think fresh vegetables, fruit, and nuts.

3. Toko Palee

Toko Palee, just behind Plein 1944 towards Kronenburgerpark, is run by a married couple. The shop sells reishi mushrooms for tea, as well as healthy herbs like fresh laos and turmeric. The difference between this toko and the other ones are in the details.

4. Özer Can Bazar

Visit Özer Can Bazar on Burghardt van Den Berghstraat for Turkish specialities.

5. Amazing Oriental Nijmegen

In the Dukenburg Shopping Centre you can visit Amazing Oriental Nijmegen. This Asian supermarket has more than 10,000 brands from Asia. Fan of bubble tea? Get it here!

6. Toko Weuro

Toko's are shops with Oriental and sometimes African and Surinamese products. Nijmegen has several in the city; for example, Toko Weuro on Augustijnenstraat. There you can find the sweet kind of Kikoman soy sauce, delicious ginger beer, and typical 5-spice spices. Their prices are also very reasonable!

7. Aris Market

At Aris Market on Van 't Sant street, you can find bargain products every day. It’s a supermarket, bakery and butcher's shop in one. Tip: visit the shop for their daily offers of all kinds of fresh products!

8. Sahin De Echte Groenteman

Sahin: the best greengrocer for 15 years now. Sahin De Echte Groenteman can be found on Steenbokstraat. Think Turkish bread, salads and tzatziki.

9. Anushka Market

At Anushka Market you can get food from different Slavic countries, trying to bring different cultures together.

10. Toko Rinus

Toko Rinus on Steenbokstraat has been a household name in Nijmegen for over 50 years. This Asian supermarket carries a wide range of Oriental products and offers fresh meals and snacks. The Toko also provides catering on demand.

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