6x art walks in Nijmegen

Nijmegen’s streetscape is adorned with a lot of artworks. That’s why the municipality of Nijmegen offers several walking routes along these artworks – in a certain order – including a map and information about the artworks that’ll help you learn something about them! So pull your walking shoes out of the closet, time to get out there. Choose one of the routes below or combine them. Have fun hiking!

1. Art route through the city – East

The 2km art route through the city – East takes you from Nijmegen’s central station through the inner city, ending in the centre on the Grote Markt. If you want to, you can check out the Molenstraatkerk, the new St. Jozefhof and the Valkhof Museum along the way. From the Grote Markt, you can continue with two other walking routes: the Waalkaderoute and through the city – West.

2. Art route through the city – West

The 2km art route through the city – West starts at the Grote Markt and ends at the central station. With this route, you’ll walk past various works of art in the inner city of Nijmegen. Along the way, you’ll pass the St. Stevenskerk; the Hessenberg, a special residential area with 190 houses (2005-2008); and the Kronenburgerpark.

3. Art route Reconstruction

During this 2km Art route Reconstruction walk, you’ll find artworks from the post-war period (1945-65), also known as the reconstruction period. Walk past reliefs, mosaics, wall sculptures, and plastic arts that hold a special cultural value. The route runs via the station to Kronenburgerpark and then through the city centre.

4. Art route Pleinen

Get to know a “cross-section” of the Nijmegen art collection on the 4km Art route Pleinen walk, which starts and ends at the central station.

5. Art route Waalkade

Walk along the Waalkade for 1km and see various works of art with this Art route. The route runs from eat to west along the quay, keeping the Waal on your right and the water barrier – the wall that holds back the water when it comes to the quay at high tide – on your left.

6. Art route Remembrance

During the Remembrance Art route walk, which takes about an hour, you’ll find artworks from various historical movements. The works that are central to this route have one thing in common: they were all made in remembrance of the Second World War. Along the way, you’ll also find other sculptures that will no doubt draw your attention.

Would you like more information about the artworks spread throughout Nijmegen? Take a look at: https://www.nijmegen.nl/kos/

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