11 places to shop for vintage clothes in Nijmegen

There are plenty of reasons to shop vintage clothes: it’s more durable than buying new clothes, you have something unique that not everyone is wearing, and shopping second-hand stuff tends to be cheaper. Whatever your reasons for buying vintage clothes are, there are plenty of stores in Nijmegen where you can score some great second-hand gems. We’ve listed 11 of them for you:

1. Sussies

If you’re walking through the Lange Hezelstraat, there’s a vintage store that can’t be missed: Sussies. The store itself is small, but the three mannequins in glitzy outfits in front of the door make it hard to pass by. Inside you can find clothes from all eras, from 60s retro dresses to 90s belly shirts. Plus, they pay attention to current trends when selecting their clothes.

2. Habbekrats

Not all Nijmegen residents know this thrift store on Betouwstraat. Hidden behind a small gate is a surprisingly large store with 70s furniture, flower dinnerware, and an extensive clothing department. They carry a mix of vintage clothes and second-hand items that can be less than a year old.

3. Appel & Ei

Appel & Ei sells used (brand) clothing that looks as good as new. Oftentimes, the labels are still attached to the clothes! Do you have a pile of clothes you don't wear anymore? You can also bring them here: you get a share of the proceeds of sold items.

4. Naní

Looking for second-hand women's clothes? This is the place to be! From Tuesday to Saturday you can browse through the most beautiful clothes.

5. Verhip-vintage

You can find Verhip-vintage in Weezenhof, where you can shop exclusive second-hand women's clothing. Whether you’re looking for a festive or business outfit: you’ll definitely succeed here.

6. Fabrics & More

You won't find any price tags at vintage store Fabrics & More. Instead, you put your finds on a scale and pay by the kilo. This large store, located on the Derde Walstraat, sells vintage Levi's, cool blouses and other vintage gems.

7. Het Goed

Het Goed is the largest thrift store in Nijmegen. In the mega building on Industrieweg, you’ll be able to find everything from old lawnmowers to cake forks. Their clothing department is also very extensive. They’ve pre-selected the best pieces for those who don’t want to search through the racks themselves. Those items can be found in a small shop-in-shop called Nina's Day.

8. 2ndMas

Second-hand clothing isn’t just about crazy prints and shoulder pads. At 2ndMas, you can score unique garments and accessories from exclusive brands. This boutique caters to fashionistas who love high-end fashion.

9. Retro

Retro’s doors are open on Thursday through Saturday – and can be found on the Grotestraat. It’s a small store filled to the brim with vintage party clothes, second-hand dresses and old-fashioned hats: a great place to browse around.

10. Secondhand Rose

If browsing through meters of racks full of second-hand stuff isn’t for you, Secondhand Rose is a real godsend. They’ve pre-selected brand new clothing here, which makes it easy to find that one shirt, pair of jeans or bag.

11. Reshare store

The Reshare Store on Lange Hezelstraat is part of the Salvation Army, who receive their clothing from textile containers throughout the country, among other things. They deliberately keep prices low so that people with a small budget can shop here, too.

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