Rent a bike

In Nijmegen, it is easy to rent a bike by means of an Ovelo share-bike and OV-bike. Additionally, there are various places in the centre of Nijmegen where you can park your bike for free and where you can charge your e-bike. Nijmegen is a real cycling city, so if you enjoy cycling, start planning your visit.

OV bike

At Nijmegen Central Station, Nijmegen Goffert, and Nijmegen Heyendaal, you can rent an OV-bike. For this you need a personal OV-chipcard with a free OV-bike subscription.

Costs of renting an OV-bike

Using an OV-bike will cost you € 3,85 at a time, for a period up to 24 hours. Need the bike for longer? Then you pay an additional rental period (up to a maximum of 72 hours). After 72 hours there is a surcharge of € 5,00

Rent a bike

Fancy a bike ride through Nijmegen? At JasperFiets you can conveniently rent a city-bike, e-bike, or step at their city point located at BB de Prince. Or go to their permanent location at the Honigfabriek Nijmegen (Dutch Bicycle Center) where they also rent out tandems, mountain bikes, tricycles, etc.

Pick up your Waal scooter, bicycle or e-bike at Café de Zon or NijmegenActief and start your tour at Veur-Lent. Looking for a racing bike to discover the beautiful Nijmegen area instead? Across from Nijmegen Lent station there is Wiel-rent, where you can rent racing bikes.

Ovelo bike

Ovelo is the shared bike of Nijmegen. Pick up an Ovelo at one of four locations in Nijmegen and turn it back in at one of the other locations. You can unlock the bikes through the GoAbout App and pay € 1,00 per hour. For rides to and from the P+R locations, the first hour is free.

Ovelo shared bikes are available at P+R Nijmegen Noord and at three locations in the centre of Nijmegen. The shared bikes have been given their own spots at the supervised bicycle storages of parking garage Mariënburg, Plein 1944 and the Bisschop Hamerstraat. Ovelo is a Nijmegen shared bicycle system. Unlike the 'strooifietsen' in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, these high-quality bikes have fixed locations.

How does Ovelo work?

Registration, payment and unlocking the bike can all be done at the spot by means of an application on your phone. You can pick up a bike at any of the four locations and also turn it back in at any of the other locations. The bike can be rented per hour and you'll be charged until the moment you turn it back in. It is possible to lock the bike to go and do some shopping or for a visit.

Where can you find an Ovelo bike?

  • P+R Nijmegen-Noord
  • Plein 1944, at the supervised bicycle storage, aisle D
  • Bisschop Hamerstraat, at the supervised bicycle storage
  • Parking garage Mariënburg, at the supervised bicycle storage

Storing your bicycle in Nijmegen

The centre of Nijmegen is also easily accessible to cyclists. Most bicycle storages in the heart of the city offer free bicycle, scooter or moped parking. At Plein 1944, in the heart of the city centre, there are 'green' charging points where you can charge your electrical scooter or e-bike for free.

In the inner city, bicycles must always be parked in bicycle stands; or in one of the many free and secured bicycle storages in Nijmegen. On this page you'll find the locations of the bicycle storages, such as: NS-station, Fietstransferium Doornroosje, Bisschop Hamerstraat, Mariënburg garage and Plein 1944.

Real-time information! Check here how many available spaces there are in every bicycle parking garage in Nijmegen.