8x fun concept stores in Nijmegen

Nijmegen is filled to the brim with concept stores. Which is a good thing, as you can find the best gifts here, quickly and easily. Concept stores often offer a mix of fashion, jewellery, art, plants, books, furniture, and living accessories. Enjoy the total package, drink a nice cup of coffee, try on a lovely sweater... These eight concept stores are certainly worth visiting.


1. Make My Day

Make My Day on the Stikke Hezelstraat offers the total package of shops. With three locations, there’s something for everyone. There’s Make My Day Women with exclusive women’s wear, unique interior finds, and fun gifts. Across the Make My Day Women, you’ll find Make My Day Men, where men are the focal point, with Scandinavian fashion brands, rare records, and neat gadgets, among other things. And next to Men the little sister of Women: Make My Day Atelier. Situated for all women’s jewellery and accessories, to fully complete your outfit!


2. Blend

Looking for a new hairdo? Tip: look in the mirror at Blend. A stylish hair salon, with an eyebrow make-up artist. You can also get jewellery, scented candles, vintage furniture, and more beauty. And all of that while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee!


3. Mood

Strolling around with a cup of coffee in your hand. Fashion, accessories, baby items... At MOOD you’ll find two floors filled with high end and affordable (design) products! And don’t forget the leather products: you choose the leather and the owner starts working for you in her atelier. 


4. Day

At Day Warehouse, you’ll imagine yourself in Scandinavia! Lot of beige, pastel, and white, combined with light accents of wood. You will be sure to find some trendy accessories. Fun for your own home, but also ideal as a gift. On top of all that, there’s a fresh delivery of their stylish clothing every week.


5. 512

All good things come in three, which 512 Nijmegen more than proves. Three concepts come together here.
One: (sustainable) quality clothes of their own collection Wakker.
Two: plants! At Bleshyou, in the same building, you can get them straight from the source, or a second-hand item with a history.
Three: tea, made with love in the cosy tea bar above the shop.


6. Black and Blue

At Black & Blue your denim will be made anew on a vintage sewing machine. In another part of the store, you’ll find a smoking barbecue, while specialist Boaz makes and fixes leather products and barber Dji cuts and shaves. Men among men!


7. Coef Conceptstore

A make-over from head to toe? In the Coef Conceptstore on the Van Welderenstraat, you’re at the right address. Here, it’s all about a good haircut and awesome sneakers in all colours, styles, sizes, and brands. Make sure to take the time to admire the lifestyle products, beautiful watches and jewellery. In the Ziekerstraat, men have their own Coef Men. With an international assortment of famous fashion brands, self-care products, stylish accessories, as well as great coffee table books.


8. HOY

Small is beautiful: HOY on the Daalseweg sells pure products with great stories. Handmade purses and baskets, delicate glasswork, atmospheric candles, a beautiful collection of linen pillows, towels, warm scarfs, nice soaps, and more.

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